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Freewill vs. Predetermination

How to Study Torah - Balak

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Freewill vs. Predetermination: How to Study Torah - Balak

When King Balak hired the evil prophet Bilam to curse the Jews, G-d told Bilam, (Bamidbar 22:12) "Do not curse the nation for they are blessed." But when Balak sent more officers to ask Bilaam again, he told them, (22:19) "Stay here tonight, and I will know if G-d wants to say anything more to me." Why didn't Bilam answer that G-d had already told him not to go? Furthermore, why did G-d eventually allow Bilam to accept the task of cursing the Jews after having previously warned him not to?
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Balaam, Destiny; Fate, Freedom of Choice, Balak

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Rabbi Mendel Kaplan Thornhill June 16, 2016

Number six! Dear John, as well as the others were shared kind words: they are all deeply appreciated, and with G-d's help I will try to keep sharing the beautiful and eternally relevant teachings of our Torah.

It is worthy to note that there are no accidents, rather everything is by divine design – if you saw this class clearly that was preordained. The only thing that is in our hands, is how we respond!

May Al-mighty G-d always give us the wisdom, good courage and strength to live lives of increasingly profound holiness and goodness... Reply

John Battye ASHFORD June 10, 2016

On the surface it seemed that I came across this talk by accident - but - after listening to the deeper content - I have to acknowledge that it is very profound and appropriate to circumstances that have befallen my family. Such teaching - although uttered and presented by you - has its origin elsewhere. It was / is a brilliant exposition - thank you.
My beloved wife and I are Christians in the autumn of our lives. There is a dearth of teaching in our all Christian denominations in the UK.

Please continue to deliver such uplifting talks.
I do not know the best way or the most respectful way to wish you well - and so - I shall use a Spanish phrase which I trust will be received as a blessing on your work as it is intended - "vaya con dios"


Hilda Zeigler Gales Ferry June 29, 2015

Freewill vs predetermination Interesting Midianites report to Balak that Moshe power is in his tongue yet Moshe did not want to do what God asked because he felt he did not have the gift of speech so his brother Aaron would speak for him Reply

Galit Chantrill June 21, 2013

Thank you That was really profound. Reply

Anonymous Walkersville MD November 16, 2012

freewill and predermination some people, when discussing freewill and predetermination, think automatically in terms of freewill vs. determination. which brings up another question. Is freewill vs. predetermination mutually exclusive? or Is freewill vs. predetermination mutually inclusive? G_d gave us free will (if we have free choice, does predetermination mean that G_d would not allow us to use our own freewill ? Would G_d intervene to prevent us from making our own free choice, i.e. are we not more than puppets? in the rabbi's speech, he gives us the example of bilaam. hashem first tells bilaam not to go curse the people for they are blessed; then, hashem tells bilaam to go. why ? by process of elimination hashem is leaving the final decision to bilaam, i.e. should i go, or shouldn't i go? to go or not to go... it is bilaams free choice, it is bilaams decision. to be or not to be....? Reply

Anonymous Brookline, Massachusetts July 3, 2012

Choices we make What an amazing enlighten lesson.
May G-D bless you with the passion to continue and teach to 120
Thank you Reply

Rod Melbourne, Australia July 3, 2012

Mendel's Message First time I've heard you teach.
Wonderful! Like apples of gold in settings of silver.
Thank you.
Rod Reply

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