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Ufaratzta -- Jump Out!

How to Study Torah - Vayeitzei

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Ufaratzta -- Jump Out!: How to Study Torah - Vayeitzei

Jacob has a vision which encapsulates the future of the Jewish people and climaxes with the promise of "Ufarazta" -- the power to spread forth, transcending all limitations.
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Yehuda Laguna Niguel, CA November 17, 2015

Thank You Rabbi Kaplan What an outstanding and inspirational lesson on this week's parsha.
We all should take stock and be committed to integrate the message
of bringing Torah light throughout our daily activities. Reply

shmuel brooklyn November 17, 2015

An inspiring message from the parsha, with the sources well researched! Reply

Anonymous Orlando,Fl November 18, 2012

Fantastic lesson-Fantastic teacher Reply

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