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The Mitzvah to Educate

How to Study Torah - Emor

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The Mitzvah to Educate: How to Study Torah - Emor

This week's portion tells the kohanim (priests) that they must educate their children to keep the detailed laws of ritual purity binding upon the priestly families. What is the Torah teaching us about the obligation to educate our children?
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Education, Emor

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S U.K. May 16, 2016

Blessings and the wonderful variation of teaching approaches has enabled myself, and many more individuals, to draw closer to HaShem with a deeper more meaningful relationship and understanding of HaShems will.

The Rebbe, blessed be his memory, has enabled so many emissaries to convey this wonderful message of light. Thank you, and may blessings be bestowed upon all who continue enabling these teachings to be transmitted globally. Reply

Tim Upham Tum Tum, Washington May 10, 2012

It Is Extremely Essential The mitzvah to educate is probably the most important mitzvah of all. I was not educated as a child, like what the kohamin prescribed. But I made up for the lost as a child, to do it as an adult. I got a Master's Degree. and became a regular at a synagogue. At the synagogue, I learned about the content of the Siddur and Talmud, and details pertaining to cleanliness, such as hand washing before meals, and the different levels of kashrut. Learning is a process we go through our entire lives. What can be more essential? Reply

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