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The Sacrifice of Isaac

How to Study Torah - Vayeira

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The Sacrifice of Isaac: How to Study Torah - Vayeira

We study the enigmatic story of the Akeida with a special focus on Abraham’s response when G-d stops him at the last moment.
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Binding of Isaac, Vayeira

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Frida Mandelblum Winkler Milwaukee. Wisconsin October 20, 2021

A completely 180 degrees to understand the Akeida. Thank you so much. Rabbi Kaplan. I’ve been following you through all my Teshuba. Reply

Mendel Kaplan Thornhill October 22, 2021
in response to Frida Mandelblum Winkler:

Thank you for your kind words. I now teach LIVE daily on my YouTube channel. You're welcome to subscribe and enable notifications: Reply

Ilya Vensky Auckland June 6, 2020

I've always had a problem understanding the Akeida. I am trying to go deep into it and it still feels that testing is such a way is something any human would fail. This is first time it is really got into me with the real meaning of how interconnected everything is. Thank you! Reply

Susan Barth beit shemesh, Israel February 19, 2016

this was the most powerful and lucid shiur that I have heard and so appreciated beyond your imagination. I think your style and enthusiasm make you one of my favorite Chabad Rabbis to listen to - may Hashem bless all of your initiatives Reply

Anonymous Westerville, OH-USA December 29, 2011

G-d's Voice It says "G-d told him to sacrifice Isaac"? But how is it people can "hear an unseen G-d"? Internally?

All believers have to decide for themselves what they think G-d's will is. And the only way we can be sure - is that it would not be a harmful situation, or it would be protective. I just don't think G-d would ever ask a parent to do this.

The only similar situation might be a parent advising a child to join the military during war. And I think at the age of 18 - one should be able to make a sane decision - an independent choice - not one based on what others tell you to do. (just refuse any actions that appear insane) Reply

Meira League City November 13, 2011

Please clarify for me In Torah episode with sending Ishmael with Hagar away preceded Akeidah, so how Ishmael could be there. And as we know Sarah Ahminu passed away right after Akeidah, so I thought the sequence of events is follow: Sarah’s talk to Abraham, Ishmael’s departure, Akeidah and Sarah’s passing away. But you said Ishmael was there and I am a little bit confused.
Thank you very much! Reply

Catherine NY, NY November 11, 2011

Penn State In the light of what occured at Penn State recently and the atrocities of the Pedophiles in the catholic church it brings home the message of this discussion. G-d states in the bible, what happens in private is G-d business to handle, but what happens in public and people see it then it becomes our problem to stop. Where are the heroes of this culture? People saw, and didn't stop, people heard, and didn't stiop it, people abused and not one person stopped them. Where are the innocents champions? When those witnesses were tested by G-d, they failed to act, and these children were sacrificed. The answers are all in the Torah, if only more people would read and learn. Instead, they worship at the altar of selfishness. Reply

D. Edelman Bellevue, WA November 11, 2011

The Sacrifice of Iisaac Rabbi Mendel. just when I thought you could not get better in your teachings, you do this!

It was an excellent imterpretation and now gives a real meaning to the Akedah -the binding of Isaac.

Thank you for another wonderful lesson. I am so greatful as well for, for their continued dedication in Judaism. Reply

Anonymous London, UK November 10, 2011

Brilliant shiur Thanks for a brilliant shiur! A wonderful way of giving over a shiur.

Thank you so much Reply

Anonymous Oslo, Norway November 10, 2011

The binding of Isak Thank you for explaining love between father and son, also for explaining their ages! Only one thing: I have been thinking: Abraham might have learned from the fact that it was not in flesh (by Ismael) he (Abraham) himself should try to fullfill G-ds promise ( brought troubles), but he had learned to obey, trust and wait for G-d. He had learned that G-d has all powers over life and death, and he must have learned that G-d doesnt lie, and G-d had told it was through Isak G-ds promise would be fullfilled, so I think he, in some strange way must have had an inner hope and believed that G-d would raise Isak up from death, and that was why he told the others that "we" will come back. To me this makes the whole story even more spescial, and Abraham not at alll less riighteous, and not at all less obedient or his walk not the slightest more easy, but an act of love and belief that G-d keeps His promises no matter if the material contradicts, through this very very extremly difficult test Reply

Shaina USA, NY November 9, 2011

Wonderful Class Thank you for the class, my first time using this, and I used this to distract me while i walked on the treadmill, much better then TV. Reply

Basha Cohen Avenel, NJ November 8, 2011

The Sacrifice Of Isaac Rabbi Kaplan.
I want to thank you for having such a passion, patience, and devotion to teaching, Every class that I have watched so far, I have been able to understand, stay focused, and recognize how to apply it to my daily life. On this teaching of a sacrifice, I understand that we as children listen to our parents up to a certain age, but once we pass our 30's we just hear them and hesitate to follow. I understand now that if Isaac was willing to accept the words of his father and follow at the age of 37, is because of the trust and obedience he had in his father and because he understood it was Hashem’s will. We should follow this example, and listening to our parents because they will always have a wisdom that Hashem gives them, & without arguing with them do what they need us to do for them. After each video I talk with my Mom & explain what I learned from your class. and she is able to give me her point of views and I learn even more. THANK YOU FOR HAVING THAT LOVE FOR TORAH Reply

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