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Balaam’s “Believe It or Not”

Torah Portion of Balak

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Balaam's "Believe It or Not": Torah Portion of Balak

An in-depth analysis of some of the most unusual prophecies ever known to humankind!
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Chukat-Balak, Balak

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Jeffrey Stirling Short Hills NJ July 13, 2022

Wonderful teaching Rabbi Elucidated so much meaning and understanding of Parshah Reply

Carl USA February 4, 2019

Unbelievably good hour. Thank you. Reply

Emeka Onuzuruike Lagos, Nigeria July 8, 2015

Balak Excellent delivery! Reply

Shmuel Israel July 6, 2015

Thank you, Reb Kaplan. Best presentation ever !!! Reply

R. Oleson Lansing Michigan January 9, 2014

Thank you for bringing alive, the book of Numbers. In my studies I have never spent much time with this part of Torah. Reply

Anonymous USA June 19, 2013

Baalam's "Believe It Or Not" Dear Rabbi Kaplan, you have opened my eyes even more today, and my passion for Hashem, blessed is He, is increasing! Thank you for such teaching. Every day I am more, and more grateful. Reply

Wise November 12, 2012

Balaam believe it or not hahahhah RT @MendelKaplan "...and they went back to their good old fashioned way of sinning.." Reply

Wise November 12, 2012

Balaam; believe it or not Brother Mendel, I reaaally love this video, as I do most of your videos and I quite agree that no one, even G-d wants to be manipulated, but contrary to your concept that G-d doesn't want to be pyscho analyzed, Jeremiah 9:24 actually states that G-d want people to know and understand him. You also implied (at 00:40:20 of the video,) that a proper Jew worships Hashem just because thats the right thing to do; then again in Deut 29:9 G-d pitched the worship of him was unto the end that "you prosper in all you do" also in Joshua 1:8, this is seemed reiterated, that the worship of Hashem was unto the end that we "prosper and succeed in all" we do. I don't claim to know every thing, but I think that it is proper to worship Hashem even if its for nothing else except prosperity; I maybe wrong though.
I really wish you had a twitter account, I would have loved to follow you. Till we meet again,.... Reply

Anonymous Mercedes, Argentina July 9, 2012

Simply wow Thank you so much for such an amazing teaching!..... Reply

Alex Kaye, 29 Sydney, NSW/Australia July 3, 2012

Thanks Thanks for teaching Reply

lisa huntsman LUBBOCK, Texas June 28, 2011

Balaam's Believe it or Not I appreciate this video, especially the part where you use the term "Psychoanalysis" . I think it is the most accurate term for what you are explaining and I would like to say that the spirit of Balaam is alive and active,although sick just as you explained.

Shalom, Reply

Anonymous June 30, 2010

Rabbi Kaplan What a profound and interpretive lecture. You took the words of Balaam right out of the Torah and brought them to life.
Thank you for another wonderful lecture. You were fantastic and so inspirational. You were beyond awesome!
Whoever said they "could not hear you" must still be on the mountain where Balaam and Barak were standing! Reply

Mr. jay stillman June 24, 2010

rav kaplan i live in efrat. i devour drashot (torah lectures). all kinds. i have followed you for a year, you have great talent gifts from heaven. this balak drasha was outstanding. your delivery is better all the time, and the message was fantastic. more strength to you! Reply

Anonymous June 22, 2010

Balaam's "Believe it or Not" Great presentation, love it keep doing more of it. Not long before we know that tradition keeps our love alive and that may be even forever. Reply

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