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The Journey of the Spies

How to Study Torah - Shelach

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The Journey of the Spies: How to Study Torah - Shelach

Before entering the land of Israel, Moses sent twelve spies to scout out the land. Follow the spies on their journey through the Holy Land. Where did they go? Where did they stop? What did they see?
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Spies, Shlach

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Bat Sheva Klein Northbrook, IL June 13, 2012

Yashar koach Thank you! One of your best. B"H Reply

Anonymous Kaduna, Nigeria June 13, 2012

If the Mitzvah means specific command that the then children of Israel never went against and were thus punished and pardoned as a lesson for future generations, what of the oral law? What is the difference between Mitzvah and the prohibited commands? Reply

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