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Noah vs. Abraham

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Noah vs. Abraham

Are you a Noah or an Abraham? The truth is you are both!
Abraham, Noah

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amichai MN October 23, 2014

home run for Rabbi Mentz This guy knocks it out of the park everytime. Classic Mentz.
:o) Reply

S.N Brooklyn NY June 5, 2013

I do not think Noah was passive, I belief he was in the same epic journey with Moses regarding evil of the generation of that era.Noah probably try to save the people as Moses went to Egypt to deliver the people out and he became frustrated with them in the way, so when God implied to him step aside I will I destroy this generation and make your offspring a new nation Noah reply OK. Unlike Noah, Moses plead for generation that what make Abraham and Moses different then the other patriots. Abraham and Moses pleaded reminded God about the time when He was about to create the first Adam, not all the host did agree with Him. The host reminded Him (God) about His anger and the Adam is about to create in His image will test Him. He (God) answer them that is it not say that I am a God who's slow to anger. Therefore we living in era that have some similar epic to the past era, not only we have to try plead to God to save Adam, we have to save one and don't let frustration wear you Reply

Anonymous Arizona, USA April 8, 2013

Noah vs Abraham You are so right Rabbi Mentz. We can make the world a better place. Even though amongst the other religion in our surroundings. It is not easy, but if others do it, so can Judaism. The power of the Living G-d is grater. And He is the One. Thank you for your teachings. Love conquers all hatred. Reply

Anonymous los angeles, ca October 28, 2012

noah was a righteous man The torah is witness to the fact noac ish zadik, noah was a righteous man, thats the bottom line,the rest is commentary. Reply

FEENEY TAMPA, FL November 2, 2011

Noah & Abraham I do not believe that Noah was as passive as you say, but your main point is good. Reply

Anonymous w October 31, 2011

not bad The video does not get too down on Noah. Your shoulder hunch dismissively about Noah:'s " laissez faire " attitude. On the other hand you get excited talking about Abraham and his outgoing attitude, spreading the word of monotheism. You have not made the full faux pas that most do. Most denigrate Noah in the comparison. You at least have the seichel tell us that we have both attributes. And this is closest to the truth.

Noah is not accepted as a Patriarch, He got the short end of the stick. But not in my books. There are 4 Matriarchs. That there are by comparison only three Patrirachs, leaves room for one more. That would be Noah, IMHO.

The adage i have come up with this year goes as follows :

My son is a world famous doctor saving lives every day. What is your son ? The comparison is in bad taste and unnecessary. The comparison of Noah and Abraham is unnecessary. The context of their lives was different. Was either one of them less loved by G-d ? Could Abraham build an ark ? Reply

Steven Lewis Buffalo , NY October 5, 2010

Noah vs Abraham This is crystal clear how to righteous people can be so different. Now I understand why we have so many different characters in the Torah. They are all a part of who we are. Brilliant! Reply

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