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Redemption and the Letter 'Mem'

Letters and Numbers of Torah - Tzav

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Redemption and the Letter 'Mem': Letters and Numbers of Torah - Tzav

"This is the law of the burnt offering -- the burnt offering which burns on the fire (mokdah) on the altar all night..." (Leviticus 6:2) In this verse, the word "mokdah," which means fire, is written with a small-sized letter "mem". What is the deeper meaning of this letter?
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Moshiach and the Future Redemption, Parshah, Mem, Fire on the Altar, The, Tzav

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Renee Mill Sydney April 6, 2017

Thank you very much - very interesting and inspiring. I will be sharing it with my family at the seder. Reply

Rabbi Aaron Raskin Bklyn hts, New York March 27, 2016

Relax? Dear Jorge,
You say the thought relaxes you. On the contrary it should encourage you to learn more Torah with joy
And gladness of heart.
Wishing you blessing and success Reply

Jorge Qro. Mexico March 26, 2016

Thank you, Rabbi Raskin I understood that all our efforts -big and small- to study Torah are taken as burnt offerings on the altar of God. This thought relaxes me and for that I thank you, Rabbi Raskin. Reply

Anonymous brooklyn, ny March 21, 2013

Reb Aaron Wonderful commentary ! Reply

Michael David-Sholem Detroit, MI April 1, 2012

Open & Closed MEM Indeed Chazal tell us that in the place where a Baal Teshuva stands, even the most righteous Jew cannot stand -

Understood! Todah! Reply

Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin Brooklyn, NY March 30, 2012

Closed Mem Dear Reb Michael,
Your question is justified since the first Tablets were hewn and written with the finger of G-d.

However the second Tablets that came about because of the teshuva (repentance) of the Jewish people were greater. This is evident from the Midrash (Shmos Raba, chap.46) which states that G-d told Moshe, don't be upset for breaking the tablets, for it only contained the 10 commandments.
However the second tablets will include the laws, midrash, agados (implying kabbala and chassidus etc.) see also Talmud Nedarim 22b and Rashi there. Reply

Michael David-Sholem Detroit, MI March 29, 2012

Open & Closed MEM Reb Aaron - It would appear that the Closed Mem that reflectes the Hidden Torah would be more exalted than the Open Mem, revealing the Written Torah. In this, would not the Closed Mem reveal the First Tablets, which was more exalted, written by the Finger of G-D, than the Second Set of Tablets? Reply

Rabbi Raskin looks at the hidden meanings of the sizes and numerical values (gematria) of the Hebrew letters in the weekly Torah portion.
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