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Ki Tisa Parshah Report

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Image Not Available: Ki Tisa Parshah Report

Gefilte Fish gives an in-depth analysis of the Golden Calf, explains the importance of not worshipping idols, and complains about the lack of Fresca in the IKS studio.
Infinity, Idolatry; Paganism, G-d, Golden Calf, Ki Tisa

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Anonymous Silver Spring March 11, 2020

Thank you for making these kid-friendly parsha videos. My class really enjoys them. I think the news program format works better without the added laugh track. Reply

Benji shapiro February 20, 2019

I love this show I watch every week Reply

D.R.S. October 14, 2016

Fan Comment I love this show! This show is really funny! This show is my favorite show! Reply

anonymous December 21, 2013

to comment 7 sha! don't talk like that! Reply

R skeen Montclair, NJ February 16, 2012

Thanks Gang - just showed this to my son, as we prepare to write his Dvar for his Bar Mitzvah (Parsha Ki Tissa). He was inspired to compare the "eyes" of the Golden Calf with the "face" of G-d....We're progressive Jews, but I'm always impressed by the work your org does. Yashakoach! Reply

Eliana Ross Summerfield, Florida June 21, 2011

LOL! Thanks so much for creating the Iche Kadoozy Parashah Reports! They are so amazing:0) Reply

Anonymous Torrance, ca February 15, 2011

Higher Power God That was funny and Moooooooving!
Get it? moooooo like the crazy eyed cow!
but seriously good message.
Thanks for making me laugh! Reply

Rene´Chawes copenhagen, Denmark February 15, 2011

Beautiful I love Jewish humor,its makes life a living story. Lchaim, and thank you. Reply

Jamir banuelos March 10, 2010

I agree Ya I think they are all funny in their own way. Reply

ney San Juan, PR September 25, 2008

G FISH ROCKS!!! I love all the characters~ They are funny in their own way Reply

Mike Ruvi El paso, TX February 18, 2008

i hate g-fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant stand g-fish's corny jokes
but jono's cute though, hes wasome Reply

Elijah Candia February 19, 2007

G-Fish G-Fish is very funny Reply

Mr. Abrams' Gimmel class, Congregation Beth El Cherry Hill, Nj March 19, 2006

Calf We really appreciate the funny skits you guys create and they teach us more about the Torah portion. Gefilte P. Fish rocks. The Report makes religious school interesting. Thanks. Reply

malka raleigh, NC March 19, 2006

cuuuuute very cute, but i still miss those clips you used to do with the holidays, like matza: whats up with it? please do more of those! but these parsa reports are great! Reply

ester toronto via kids.tzivoshashem.org March 15, 2006

What I love is how you have created three totally different personalities in the Rabbi,Jono and G.fish. They are so distinct and have such diverse traits that they almost seem real. Well done...no .. more than that...it's brilliant! Reply

Anonymous March 15, 2006

funny this weeks is very funny Reply

Linda Haniford New York, NY March 15, 2006

Very Funny and Well Done. I like the applause and the conversation between the characters (as opposed to a skit that's mainly one character). You might be on your way towards making a movie but I would run it by a few people before producing it. The Children's Museum would probably love to show your skits. Reply

chaim chicago March 13, 2006

hidden genious as always, the show was great. Happy purim to IKS. Like the theme of hidden-ness in Purim, you guys have more hidden genious than we begin to imagine. Not saying we don't appreciate the brilliance of the show- but it's just so beyond us how you keep coiming up with it at such a wawesome caliber. This parsha report was practically a total, complete, serious lesson yet our kids were able to keep with it due to the shtick. The mistake and absurdity, so to speak, of our people's golden calf really came through in the way you presented it with the silly drawings, explanations, and all. We loved it too! Reply

D.Allen USA March 13, 2006

great! You guys are always great with these shows. Do you think that you could add more parts to the show to make it more fun to watch?

Keep up the awesomeer reports!!!!!! Reply

Tzina Nechumah Toronto, Canada March 12, 2006

itche kadoozy show: so funny! Who knew? Thank-you for such a wonderful gift. Truely informative and laugh-out-loud funny!
Yashekovach and well done! Reply