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Are You Sure You Are in a Healthy Relationship?

Avoid the big mistake of the golden calf

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Are You Sure You Are in a Healthy Relationship?: Avoid the big mistake of the golden calf

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Relationships, Golden Calf, Ki Tisa

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Jeanette Mass Australia March 20, 2021

This one spoke to me today. Thank you Rabbi Barber once again for your insights Reply

Eliora March 5, 2021

Beautiful said 🙏 Reply

Maris Ramat-gan ,Israel August 22, 2018

It keeps my faith more stronger than before,now that i studying and learn Torah.G-d shines on me ..Thank you so much Rabbi Yacob.. Reply

venus February 25, 2016

boundaries are instaured by relating to the other their wants needs expectations and specifically stating what is forbidden unacceptable and undesires. the trick is to be respected in spite of the other who has different agenda and pushes the limits. emotional tyranny gets the best of us! Reply

Anonymous February 24, 2016

Thank you for this! Thank you so much for this video, I want to show it to everyone I know. I have always known that we do what G-D wants as we are in a relationship with Him that only He gets to decide, but when family and friends asked me to explain I never knew how to explain it in a way which they will understand. Now, not only will I be able to, but I can also show them this video. Thank you so much for this, I really appreciate it. Did you know this is actually the most common question I receive about Judaism? From Non Jews and Jewish people alike there is the question I hear all the time, "why do you do all these things that you do? Isn't the point just to love G-D and know He is G-D and since He can see what's in us He knows we're good people?" Well not quite, we have a relationship contract. You can be kind and good and loving and you Should most certainly be. But that is not literally in a relationship with G-D, as you cannot decide that on your own terms, only on what He gives us. Todah Raba! Reply

Anonymous miami February 23, 2016

well well Too simplistic view inmho. Of course in a relationship each side needs to look for the other part interest, but there is a border because each of us is a different human being. so the real Question is how to determine a border? Reply

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