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The Sin of the Golden Calf

Kabbalah and the Bible - Ki Tisa

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The Sin of the Golden Calf: Kabbalah and the Bible - Ki Tisa

Less than forty days after experiencing divine revelation at Sinai, the Jewish people sin in worshiping the golden calf. It seems inexplicable that they completely deny G-d after all they had just experienced.
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Keruvim, Aaron, Ki Tisa, Golden Calf

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Sientje Seinen chilliwack , Canada February 10, 2012

worshipping the golden calf You will have to excuse me, as my speakers are not working very well,but here is my take on the Israelites forgetting about the wonders G-d showed them while crossing the red sea, etc. I am a christian so I may not have the same take on this as the learned Rabbi;s have. But when Moses went up onto Mt Sinai, he left for a long period of time, and the people got restless and order Aaron to make a golden calf. I dont believe the ten commandments had yet been given, I am sure some of the Isrealites where not as comfortable with this as others. As wen Moses returned with the ten tablets, He broke them seeing what was happening. Yet many went over to the Lord"s side when Moses asked "who were on the Lord side" Yet there was then as there is to today who do not want the Lord G-d to rule over them as they are hard of hearing and stubborn in their hearts and wish to serve their own gods, this happens within christianity too, where some dont know about humility and make their own gods. Reply

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