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Where Is G-d?

For that matter, where are we?

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Where Is G-d?: For that matter, where are we?

A father and son have a candid conversation about the important things in life.
Oneness of G-d, G-d

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JDV November 28, 2019

Children need this. Reply

Alexandra Fincher Little Elm May 5, 2016

Thank you so much for these wonderful videos. Reply

Anonymous Phila May 4, 2016

If "God is existence" then cut one of the duplicate terms "We are in God" statement is not verifiable and not falsifiable. If "God is existence" then why not to cut one of the duplicate terms and use just one of them? "God is infinitely more than existence" is emotional statement: mathematics doesn't have "infinitely more" comparison and it is not clear if you assume existence is infinite. "We are to God as a thought is to a thinker" - thought is a result of brain activity of thinker, it is subjective while brain is an object, so matter is primary and thought is a function of it after it evolves into brain. "Person in your mind" doesn't have perspective of you or him. But I agree that if you take all this humorously it can make "heaven on earth". Because jokes are funny anyway! Reply

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