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Why People Are Never Happy

What the Talmud teaches about human nature

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Why People Are Never Happy: What the Talmud teaches about human nature

Ambition, Joy; Happiness

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Anonymous Orlando February 25, 2017

It happens sometimes in some cases, but also it can be when a person's life has been constantly shattered by different situations at a 58 yrs old age. I was happy when I worked for Universal Orlando, until unfairness & injustice came along. The same happened with my personal family life, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, strongly painfull and economically...All at the same time...non-stop...still submerged in constant, never ending tears...(for 2-1/2 yrs now). Reply

David Chester Petach Tikva, Israel February 22, 2017

The Happiest Man in the World Once upon a time a sad and miserable king desired happiness and so he sent for advice from his wise men. The wisest man in the kingdom told the king that to be happy he must wear the shirt of the happiest man in the world. After many years of his servant's searching, the king received a message from his most trusted servant "have found the happiest man in the world" The king responded: "Good news! Now send me his shirt", but the reply that came back was "the happiest man in the world does not wear a shirt!" Reply

Leah February 20, 2017

Yes, It is natural for us to grow, to always be adding to what we are; hopefully doing more today than we did yesterday, and we do have a mitzvah to serve Hashem with Joy/Happiness, so it seems the happiness cannot be a stagnant distant goal but must be part of our constant service of Hashem. So I guess what I am saying is it is not only important to enjoy the journey but to consciously and purposely "serve Hashem with Joy". Reply

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