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Talking to Kids About Spirituality

A Parenting Workshop

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Talking to Kids About Spirituality: A Parenting Workshop

Answering questions like: What is G-d? If I have a soul, why can’t I see it? Where do people go when they die? Is there a heaven and a hell? Why do bad things happen to good people? I did something bad, is G-d angry with me?
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Faith; Belief in G-d, Teshuvah, Everything is for the Good, Heaven & Hell, G-d, Parenting; Parenthood, Childhood; Children

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Skye October 14, 2020

Opening box analogy did not sit right with me. I have never ending love for my children, enough to share with everyone. Reply

Nomi Freeman October 22, 2020
in response to Skye:

Yes, Skye, that's just what I was saying. There are things you can't fit inside any box—like love for our children, or love for our families.

I feel that's a good way of understanding spirituality—things that don't fit in boxes. Reply

faheysc South Carolina July 15, 2013

Such a wonderful teaching! I even learned something very valuable from it. I really enjoyed listening to her. As I was listening my 21 year old son who is not walking with G_D as he should sat down next to me to eat his lunch and I noticed when he was done he remained sitting next to me. Seeds of life come in so many forms, lol. Shalom Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn, NY June 15, 2012

Toda Raba!!!!!!!!!!! I have been thinking about Cinuch lately and receive blessings to do so - this pushed me to take action.

so inspiring and you answered my duaghter all consuming question of where does Hashem start.

Toda ad raba Reply

Liba Brooklyn, NY December 29, 2011

Thank you! Thank you Mrs Freeman! That was a great video! Reply

Chava Finkler Toronto , Canada December 1, 2010

Nomi Freeman An insightful, entertaining presentation. Thanks! Reply

Miriam Schwartz Jerusalem, Israel November 21, 2010

THANK YOU It was enlightening and fun! Reply

Lisa Strum-Sussman Long Beach, NY August 5, 2010

Lamp is Lit a Bit More Thank you for this wonderful presentation. My lamp is lit a bit more, thanks to the wisdom of these thoughts. I can only think that 20 years and much prior to Nomi Freeman's birth, her education began, already shedding light on the world and into it. The source of the light is evident in every word! This is a born teacher! Much to learn and to share with my own students and their parents! Reply

Thea Morrison Somerset, N.J. July 29, 2010

Being a Grandmother A wonderful spiritual speaking woman, it brings such a peaceful feeling to the soul to just listen to her. As a grandmother I have found so many new ways to explain life & death to my grandchildren when they ask, and the way to see life through spirituality. Reply

Ruchel Leah WPB June 26, 2010

Being a Teacher This woman captured my attention, inspired my creative instincts and made her presentation in a dramatic way which demonstrated her sincerity. I, too, am a teacher - secular - art. I learned and smiled my way through this video. She is a delight and I thank you for the opportunity to experience these delightful moments. Chabad is often pure energy, generating good. Reply

Anonymous June 25, 2010

NOMI FREEMAN Please! Give more classes on Chabad, Jewish TV. Your class was excellent, and just as important, clear. More on spirituality and Chassidut/Kabbalah. Thank you very much! Reply

Anonymous Caracas, Venezuela June 24, 2010

Very good ideas and an excellent teacher!
I'd like to thank the whole Jewish TV team, and specially Mr. Freeman for such a good class. Reply