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Is G-d Real?

An enlightening bedtime conversation between a mommy and a baby lamp

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Is G-d Real?: An enlightening bedtime conversation between a mommy and a baby lamp

“Lights”: A short animation tackling the question of faith, with metaphor, to illuminate the subject in a fun, light, and yet profound way.
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Electricity, G-d, Faith; Belief in G-d

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Shmuel Israel June 3, 2020

A very bright way to explain deep issues in plain words Reply

Chuna August 18, 2016

Share! Like! This is so simple and insightful. Very good mushul and explanation! I will share this with others. Reply

Yossi White Plains February 8, 2016

Warm, touching, and powerful This was really fantastic. Reply

Julian Yeong December 27, 2015

Message is simple yet effective. Like it. Thank you. Reply

Klaus Germany December 26, 2015

Thanks a lot! Great story! I like it! Reply

Bracha Goetz Baltimore December 25, 2015

Wonderful! Reply

Irina Brookyln December 24, 2015

Amazing!! So simple. Brilliantly! Reply

Samuel Williams Georgia December 24, 2015

my goodness my mom said this was a better way to draw people or children to the right circuit or source my name is Samuel Williams and I rate this five stars Reply

Barry December 24, 2015

Beautiful This was truly amazing and illuminating on so many levels. Thank you! Reply

Cynthia December 23, 2015

I loved it!! make more of these, where can I find them for my daughter??? Reply

K. Toronto December 20, 2015

Brilliant; couldn't agree more You have proven that one can do a lot with a script and then further application into animation.

Really liked seeing the fruits of Pardes; looking forward to seeing and reading more of your work. Thank you; Reply

abcd anonymous Brooklyn December 20, 2015

Great stuff Very nice mashal, I will show this to my students. Reply

Malachi Hilkey Denver, CO December 20, 2015

A This was great. Last line was kinda... Awkward though.

But great stuff. Reply

Anonymous December 20, 2015

genius! unbelievable!!! such a perfect example!! please make more!! Reply

Racheli Las Vegas, NV December 20, 2015

Emes in a lightbulb So simple, amazing! Keep the light shining on these and many other topics of emunah, bitachon, hiskashrus, tznius and more. They are such necessary tools for sharing the emes of Torah & Chassidus.
Thank you! Reply

Anonymous December 10, 2015

amazing that was like a crash course on life. completely mind blowing. keep up the AMAZING work:) Reply

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