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G-d, Torah, and the Jews

Jewish Essentials - Part 1

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G-d, Torah, and the Jews: Jewish Essentials - Part 1

What does it mean to be a Jew? Join us as we explore the fundamentals of Judaism and our role in the world. This class is the first of a six-part lecture series titled ‘The Essentials,’ which introduces the foundations of Jewish life and living.
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G-d, Torah, Judaism

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Dahlia D. Florida January 9, 2023

This was so insightful! I am 24-yr old woman (Haitian-American) raised Christian, very interested in the conversion process. I am using some of these videos as guidance and better understanding of what it means to be Jewish and how to live a Jewish life. I absolutely loved this lesson and I am so excited to see more of what these lesson have in store. This will be a long journey, but this lesson nudged me to know that i am in the right direction! Reply

Pam Schuchard Maggie Valley February 21, 2021

Thank you for the enlightenment. I am not of your faith, however have been drawn to study the Jews to have a greater deeper understanding of things. I appreciate the love that I felt from you toward G-D and your fellow beings. Looking forward to more of your talks. Great Job!... Reply

Eduardo Andrade Tampa July 25, 2020

Thank you so .much for your message, it was Clear, fun, instructive and encouraging, I am now a new follower of your teaching of what it means to be a Jew, in few words how to be a good Mensch Reply

Raymond Schmitz Lompoc July 24, 2020

Thank you for the whole story, lesson, and vision. I needed to be reminded. Thank you. Reply

Daphne Beerse, Belgium via May 6, 2020

Thank you! You’re message is very inspiring and I hope I can translate it to my two sons. Reply

Jerry Cohen San Diego, CA May 4, 2020

Thank you Rabbi for this meaningful message. Appreciate the clarity and ease with which you speak. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn February 28, 2019

Wasn't it Adam, not Avraham, who G-D said Ayeko to? Reply Editor February 28, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

Indeed you are correct, thank you for pointing that out! Reply

Hannah Oxford December 31, 2018

Thank You!
Early one morning, about a year ago, I feverishly wrote down some thoughts before drawing each of my hands on blank A4 size printing paper, labelling each of the pages in ways related to the thoughts I'd "received" that morning. It was an intense experience that lasted a couple of hours and a few pages of insights that I even gave a title to... all about the answers being within the two hands that G*d gave us. Today, listening to this lecture, I believe I understand what it was I was meant to comprehend by Torah being written on two tablets it's a great Aha Moment! I am still stunned by Hashem's ways! Thank You

antonio sabella providence August 5, 2017

so beautiful and wise. Reply

Rick Miller La Mesa June 4, 2017

What a moving and blessed lecture. I have never felt a clearer picture of who I am and what it means to be a Jew. I have a sense of wonder that is impossible to explain.
I want to share my gift to the World.

Thank you,


Rafi James San Diego March 18, 2016

What an amazing teacher you are Rabbi Bistritzky:
I've been searching for a lecturer that can keep my attention & have found him.
Your blend of knowledge & stories presented with such sincerity & conviction
makes you the ticket for me.
תודה וחזק וברוך Reply

Michelle Brown-Ayala Las Vegas November 25, 2015

That was beautiful and profound Thank you so much, especially for touching on modern perspectives being irrelevant to Jewish fundamental teachings and beliefs. Reply

Jim Gaus August 28, 2014

Just Three Words! I...needed,,,this!

Thank you, rabbi! Reply

Mark McDonald Colorado Springs, Co May 24, 2013

Awesome lecture! Wow! You are so appreciated...Thank you for this. You are so so so good at what you do. Such clarity and power. And such a warm and inviting personality. I can tell you truly bless those fortunate to be in your presence on a daily basis. I could listen to you all day. As a matter a fact, I am going to watch another now! Thank you very much. G-Ds' Blessings to you and yours'. Reply

ThommyMac Pittsburgh, PA February 4, 2013

JUST what I needed! I had toyed with converting since I was 16. For 30 years I kept building up the nerve. 2 years ago I found out something amazing. The so-called skeleton in our family closet was mum's family Jews. Now I belong to a congregation, am taking classes, and am making up for the heritage I was almost denied. These lessons are just what I needed. Reply

Margery Klepinger Atlanta, Georgia October 4, 2012

G-d, Torah and the Jews Thank you for your wonderful lectures, I am watching each for the second time. You are a really good speaker and tie things together so well. I am studying to convert, at age 63!!! I have so much to learn!!! Reply

Moshe Ramos Kissimmee, FL May 18, 2012

Thank you What a wonderful lesson. Thank you Rabbi.
Totally change my mind on how to help the world around me. Reply

Anonymous oak park, michigan March 2, 2012

Jewish Essentials Thank you for the wonderful lesson Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma December 25, 2011

a bird, alights G_d is in the Wings what IF you were experiencing massive synchronicity, not a few astounding stories, like the kind we read here on line, in one life: stories that cohere following a straight line, that never stop. Of course coincidence means it's all cohesive. We all experience this, but what about the very visible, very obvious presence of a Divine Hand in a life, and record now extant, a gold braid, as in our Challah? A weave that is a story that only G_d could have scribed, a Divine Hand, that is leading us all, through a most cosmic story?

I am seeing that this story is deeply coded within words, and the aleph bet. It would seem to "get this", at the deepest level, would to have the doors opened, and that is up to G_d.

Maybe, the best for last, a deliberate slow opening of this, the "many-petalled" rose.

Dawn/ a/ rose. A dawning consciousness. A story that is about LOVE. A story that dovetails, as dove is to peace, and dovetail is to dove tale. Pieces that fit together. As puzzle to WONDER! Reply

Julie Weiss Chicago, Il December 24, 2011

A light unto the nations. Rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky, after watching your lecture tonight, I felt a sense of empowerment and purpose that I have not felt in a long time. Thank you for your light. Reply

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