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Why the Jewish People Are Indestructible

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Why the Jewish People Are Indestructible

Even though we sometimes disagree, that which binds us together is stronger than that which tries to tear us apart.
Jewish Survival, Purim

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Deborah Norwich March 10, 2017

Civilizations that were more powerful than the Jews have ended, lost in history. The Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Hittites, the Persians, the Romans and so on. But the Jews have survived throughout. I feel this is because the existence of a Jew is an existence of purpose for a higher cause, rather than purpose for soulless power and greed. The Jews treat their core creed with reverence and this unites them. The indestructibility of the Jewish people is proof of the unique and miraculous nature of Judaism. Reply

Anonymous mexico July 5, 2016

That's what the islamic state is trying to do, so it cannot be destroyed. I don´t think that´s the reason.
But I think the main reason is that is not God´s will .
the other things, love, unity, etc is correct, but do you really love?, don´t think you cannot be destroyed because you are scattered. If it would be God´s will you wouldn't last a micro sec. Reply

Rikki New York June 22, 2021
in response to Anonymous:

Everything in this world is controlled by G-D, yet we still have to do our part and make a Kelli for the Brachos to come down. This is showing us that our way of making a Kelli for staying together is through achdus, you can say, “why should I pray for someone to have a refuah shleima if G-D decides if the sick person should live or the opposite G-D forbid. Reply

Anonymous April 5, 2016

wow! that video was amazingly powerful! Reply