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Radical Monotheism

The philosophy of G-d’s oneness (Tanya Ch. 20-21)

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Radical Monotheism: The philosophy of G-d’s oneness (Tanya Ch. 20-21)

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Existence; Reality, Perpetual Creation, Creation ex nihilo, Idolatry; Paganism, Monotheism, Tanya, Oneness of G-d

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Michael Aaron Cohen Delray Beach Florida May 8, 2016

Please explain EVIL, etc........????? I do believe in G-D, but I do not understand evil, suffering, pain, disease, serial killers, etc....... But if G-D is ALL, Why does G-D allow the negative aspects of the universe to exist? PLEASE EXPLAIN ! The only way I can reconcile in my mind, is if that if the horrible things did not exist, then we could not understand the GOOD things?!?!? Am I correct??? Reply

K. Toronto July 3, 2017
in response to Michael Aaron Cohen :

Dear Michael;
My first experience of trying to understand this reality; what is evil; what are its' properties .. its forms, the consequences of its' movements in our world .... comes from a teaching in university English class with Shakespeare's Othello. How could Othello fathom the evil schemes of Iago if he, (Othello) had no such thoughts or resonances in himself? The best answer i could glean was that G-d wanted him to learn the lessons Iago had to teach him, about the different forms... not taken from the Bk of Job, but one might argue the secular metaphor was still functional ...you have to consciously turn your gaze towards the Good and breathe into this space .. and preferably in Torah. These other gods/demi-gods/famous authors ... simply can't stay the course ...
The forms of evil ... is a whole other question obviously. Another blog; 2000 years of Christian thought ... Adam and Eve and the Snake, for starters; not part of the inheritance given to children of Avraham. Reply