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About the Course

Navigating the death of a loved one is often an emotional and confusing process. Jewish tradition guides us through everything from end-of-life care to the best way to memorialize our loved ones. In this course, you will learn about the meaning behind Judaism's end-of-life practices and how to best honor those you’ve lost.

Course Syllabus

Dying with Dignity
April 5, 2022
Navigating the death of a loved one is often an emotional and confusing process. Jewish tradition guides us through everything from end of life care to the Torah’s perspective on autopsies. In this lesson, we will cover the experience here on earth for survivors of the deceased, how to treat the deceased with the utmost respect, and how to navigate important decisions like organ donation and life support
The Burial is Just the Beginning
April 12, 2022
There are some mourners who turn to cremation as an alternative to burial. In this lesson, we will discuss the importance of burial both for the soul and the ones they leave behind. We will also learn how burial allows the soul to ascend to heaven untethered and is a final act the loved ones of the deceased can perform.
The Symbolism of Shiva
April 19, 2022
After death, the soul ascends to heaven in stages and sitting shiva is a final act of compassion we can offer our loved ones before the soul takes its final departure. In this lesson, we will discuss the laws of shiva, the symbolism of the Torah’s mourning process, and how we can offer our loved ones comfort as they mourn.
The Grave Is a Gateway
May 3, 2022
Memorializing our loved ones is an ongoing process that doesn’t end with shiva. In this lesson, we will discuss the best way to help the deceased’s memory live on, how to create spiritual memorials, and the meaning behind the Kaddish prayer. Judaism views the grave as a gateway for the soul; it’s our job here on earth to continue the soul’s legacy and extend our loved one’s impact.
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Meet the Instructor

Rabbi Lazer Gurkow is spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Tefilah in London, Ontario, and a frequent contributor to The Judaism Website— He has lectured extensively on a variety of Jewish topics, and his articles have appeared in many print and online publications. For more on Rabbi Gurkow and his writings, visit

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