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About the Course

The idea of Moshiach (Messiah) and the Messianic Redemption is one of the pillars of Jewish faith. Yet the topic is often fraught with misconceptions. Some are even surprised to learn that Moshiach is a Jewish concept. What is Moshiach and the Messianic Era all about, and what makes it so central to Judaism? Is it something we should be excited for, or nervous about? Who is Moshiach, and how will we know? Can we predict when Moshiach will come? What will the world look like in that era? And what does the resurrection of the dead have to do with it?

In this course, we will explore these questions and more as we become familiar with the concept of Moshiach, how it fits into world history, and what we can do to bring about this utopian era.

Course Syllabus

Lesson 1: The Future: Utopia in the Real World?
What makes Moshiach so central to Judaism? By exploring the spiritual meaning of exile and why we yearn for Moshiach, we derive surprising lessons about its universal application. The Messianic Era is the clear expression of the Divine as it was originally intended to be, and the global prosperity we all yearn for – and can strive for in our personal lives.
Lesson 2: The Anointed One: Paradigm or Person?
Moshiach is a generic term for an “anointed” leader, and Moshiach is therefore more of a job description than a personal designation. Jewish literature describes specific qualifying characteristics and traits that Moshiach must possess, and also lays out what he must accomplish to be considered legitimate. This leads into a discussion of false Messiahs, and why Jews have traditionally rejected potential candidates.
Lesson 3: The Time of Redemption: Predicting Moshiach?
When is Moshiach coming? (That’s the “million-dollar question.) We will examine the six-thousand year map of human history described by our Sages, consider at which juncture we now find ourselves, and look for evidence that the redemption is currently unfolding. We will explore the Zohar’s prediction that revolutionary technological and scientific advances coupled with Divine knowledge spreading at unprecedented speed are clear harbingers of the Messianic Era.
Lesson 4: The Resurrection: A Rational Approach?
The Resurrection of the Dead can seem like a puzzling concept to the modern thinker. But it too is a core Jewish belief. We will see that it not only logically sound to believe in, but is already actualized in nature. In light of discoveries in modern technology, it may actually be more feasible today than ever before. The question that remains then is not whether it is possible, but why it is necessary.
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Meet the Instructor

Rabbi Pinchas Taylor, an inspirational young scholar, is a sought-after educator and speaker. He lives in South Florida with his wife Miriam and serves as the Director of Adult Education and Outreach at the Chabad of Plantation. He is the author of two books which you can view and purchase here.

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