Happiness and Depression

How to turn on the joy and beat feeling down

Join in the study of Tanya, the foundational book of Chassidic teaching, which guides us in our struggles in everyday living.

How to deal with valid sources of sadness (Tanya Ch. 26)
Joy is critical in carrying out our obligation to be a moral and faithful Jew. What are the techniques and attitudes needed to live a life of joy, and when, if ever, is it appropriate to be sad?
What you see is not what you get (Tanya Ch. 27-28)
Imagine if everyone could read all of our thoughts; it may not be much of a blessing after all. Can we truly be joyous knowing our disappointing reality that we at times have negative and ugly thoughts that pop into our heads that may generate feelings of shame and guilt?
How to open a blocked heart (Tanya Ch. 29)
When we become emotionally numb, what can be done to bring back vitality and inspiration into a frozen heart?
How to be genuinely humble before all. (Tanya Ch. 30)
A healthy sense of humility is crucial and leads to joy. Discover an honest outlook on the way we view others.
The story of the chain smoker (Tanya Ch. 31)
If sadness is the disease, can sadness be the cure? Discover the positive found in negative emotions.
Optical illusions and the unity of G-d
Do you see a woman's face or a man playing saxophone? In life, as in optical illusions, the shadows may actually be the picture itself...Learn the greatest treasure bequeathed to us—a profound idea on the oneness of G-d, which is the key to attain true joy of the soul.
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