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The 3000 Year Old Man

Devarim Parshah Report


The 3000 Year Old Man: Devarim Parshah Report

Jono and Rabbi kadoozy perform a comedy routine at a comedy club. And Jono is the straight man.

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Me Garsfontein August 8, 2019

G-fish was very funny 😂 I couldn't help myself.HAHA
Shalom to every one. Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA August 7, 2016

G-FISH! G-Fish laughing is funny! Reply

Me Garsfontein August 8, 2019
in response to Captain America:

Hahaha Reply

Naomi Garbo Rutland July 13, 2016

Positive attitude this is the second time I watched the video. I got a completely different message. The message I got was about being positive and compromise. Sometimes I think we read too much into the script therefore; expecting a totally different outcome. I still enjoyed it. Reply

Anonymous Rutland July 12, 2016

I enjoyed it! even if G fish laughed a lot. I did expect more on the subject of Torah. Reply

Miri Diamond July 24, 2015

it's funny that you guys said that Rabbi is 3000 years old Reply

me May 11, 2014

to comment 1 DON'T SAY THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

9 year old montreal, canada January 12, 2011

haha g fish was laughing too much and it got kind of boring Reply

Me Garsfontein August 8, 2019
in response to 9 year old:

No it didn't it got funny the more he laughed 😂 Reply

DeAllen-10 yrs old Saint Louis, Missouri November 26, 2010

3,000 yr. old man The Rabbi is soooo funny!. This is the best of him so far. i WILL KEEP LOOKING FOR MORE. G-D wants me to have joy while learning Torah. Reply

Anonymous July 11, 2010

Hearing the Ten commandments That last joke was just hilarious. I would do this this as an improv with friends for sure Reply

aharon mishulovin los angles, cal. June 5, 2007

half half I could see the hand in g-fish.g-fish is not funny. Reply

Joseph Studio City, CA May 19, 2007

Oy vey - That's moyda! Sooo funny! Reply

Miguel December 25, 2006

CHECK MATE? But they were playing Monoply! Reply

Anonymous Storrs January 1, 2019
in response to Miguel:

right. i saw that to. Reply

Me Garsfontein August 8, 2019
in response to Miguel:

I know right. Reply

Anonymous Sydney, Australia September 2, 2006

Liked g-fish the best. Reply

Chana August 2, 2006

Your shows are funny. Reply

Anonymous sydney, australia via kids.tzivoshashem.org July 27, 2006

i love your show its soooooo funny Reply

Anonymous chicago, il July 24, 2006

Funny! I (4 years old) liked the parts when G-fish was laughing. It was funny. And I liked the part where they were talking. I like when Jono asked who Moshe Rabbenu's speech writer was. Of course it was HaShem. (3 year old now) G-fish was talking and laughing. That was so funny! Reply

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