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Technical Support

Va'etchanan Parshah Report

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Technical Support: Va'etchanan Parshah Report

Larry Goldstein calls the Tefillin Customer Support line, G-fish answers, and, of course, hilarity ensues.
Tefillin, Va'etchanan

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A boy named Tzvi Pomona NY July 4, 2021

G-fish is so cute when he sings the please stay on hold music himself 😅 Reply

L Goldstean Where the show is. April 7, 2020

uh why is G-fish in charge of a phone line??? Reply

Yehuda July 16, 2017

In following the pattern of this thread, which, apparently, is to respond even after 2 -3 years; it seems that Evan here did not in fact lose one of the Parshiyos, or scrolls, in his actual Tefillin, but, rather, a paper, or "parchment" that had the blessings printed on it. Not having the paper with the blessings has no baring on the kosher status of your Tefillin, or the fulfillment of the Mitzvah. It is worth noting the importance of getting your Tefillin checked by a well respected and pious "Sofer", or Jewish scribe, as often as possible, to maintain that your Tefillin are still "kosher".
Evan, if you still need help with the blessings and prayers for Tefillin, you may find the "Tefillin App" useful. (Yup, there's an app for that)
- All the best! Reply

Shoshana Jerusalem July 22, 2015

Evan - Aug. 2012 Just saw your post now and hope that you have already gotten your answers and are not still waiting for three years.

Anyway, Tefillin are put on every day of the year except Shabbos and Yom Tov (holidays), the whole year round.

Tefillin are one of the 613 Mitzvos and every Jewish male from the age of 13 up is required by Jewish to put them on every day.

If a parsha (scroll) is missing from your Tefillin. they are not kosher and even when you wear them you are not fulfiling the mitzvah. Therefore you must immediately have them repaired and if this is not possible, buy new ones.

There are a few video clips on this site showing how to put on Tefiliin that you could look into. Reply

Anonymous Ellington,Ct. January 17, 2015

Wild! Just got a tablet and tried this site..almost fell off bed laughing..wonderful,toda raba...will be back for more! Reply

Evan Philadelphia, PA August 1, 2012

Super Duper Teffilin Larry always does a wonderful job being a good Jew, and he reminds of Jerry from hit comedy Seinfeld. What's up with that? I put mine on in the most proper fashion. I received my Tefilin during my Bar Mitzvah and will never forget how excited and surprised I was. My most dire issue is that I lost my parchment with the Shema blessing. When I put on I'll recite the first line of the Shema but I can't commit the Hebrew to memory easily. It's one of the minor/ catastrophic issues I have with g-d right now. Does one choose to wear Tefillin? Is it worn specific times of the year? Inquiring minds want to know Reply

Anonymous melbourne, australia August 4, 2009

hah hahaha
what a funny lesson. i'll be back for more. Reply

Nossy Edmonton, AB August 15, 2006

Itch Kadozzy The IKS entitled: Technical Support was very nice however I noticed that the tefilin shel rosh requires some adjustment on Larry Reply

Stanly Lamar, Pennsylvania August 6, 2006

Feelin' Phylacteried Larry looks like a pro wrapped in his phylacteries!
It's great how you explain the mitzva of tefillin through the Jew from the street rather than the Jew from the synagogue. Judaism and IK rocks! Reply

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