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The Tefillin are our connection to G-d, as we submit the thoughts in our mind and the emotions in our heart to G-d.

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Manuel I Blanco Moreno Valley April 19, 2020

Tefillin Rabbi thank you for a great video. Today we put on Tefillin on a zoom meeting with Rabbi Fuss of Chabad of Riverside California. I am posting this video along with the Chabad cartoon and a short Chabd explanation of what is Tefillin. Thank you Reply

Anonymous March 16, 2017

Hey! I see rabbi shmuli!! Reply

Keren anne Jerusalem, Israel February 1, 2011

God wants every Jewish Man to know how important this message is.

Where Your tefillin proudly and he wants you to know that if anyone tells you otherwise they are not for God and he will tolerate those who go against the commandments that were set in place by the highest order of chabad.

The Rebbe hit and nailed is Mission through years of study.

By geometric/algebra it design.

When Israel is Free of all forms of Radical Islam and Christianity.

The World will begin to know and understand the true inner being of God.

God is not something to mess with.

He is a force of Nature.

He controls the Heavens and the Earth.

Serving him is the Highest Commandment known to Man.

I do have to pray. I only have to accept and be in Love with God my Father, Creator. To love his chosen children.

My heart and mind will remain with those I have come to know from above and those that are serving him from below.

He will set a table before YOU> Reply

Kenny Cartwright Abilene, Texas November 7, 2010

Something I havent heard I have a personal tradition that goes along with the deed coming from the heart. With the 3 wraps on the bicep and 7 down the forearm, I recite the 10 Words, or the first part of each for each wrap. Thank you for this video and the others!! =o) Reply

Bob Stern Media, PA October 13, 2009

Letters of Light What are the Letters of Light? Web search showed nothing. Reply

Anonymous October 12, 2009

look at at Letters of light for a deeper understanding of the shin on the tefillin Reply

esther November 26, 2008

beautiful! Thank you Reply

Bob Stern Media, PA January 4, 2008

The Deed: Tefillin I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation for this video. It was both interesting and instructive and the "attitude" of the narrator kept my attention to the very end.

If nothing else, you reached out and connected with at least one Jewish guy who needed some direction and education.

Thank you, Reply

Rochel Little Rock, AR / USA January 2, 2008

Tefillin Video Thank you so much for making this video available!! I turned on the video in hopes that my son, who is fifteen , would watch. It was like magic. The music lured him in and he did watch. His comment was," I did not know that the prayers for tefillin were so easy." He repeated them several times. Again, Thank you!! Reply

Chaim June 26, 2007

ATTN: AA I am amazed that you can feel that way. Isn't it quite clear that 'the deed' videos are geared towards Jews who are either non-observant or at least observe very little? For someone who has never laid tefillin and who knows next to nothing about them (and the truth is that in this day and age, there are way more Jews who have not laid tefillin than have), a video filled with laws, customs, etc. would not help them. There are plenty of articles in Chabad's Tefillin page to get deeper into the laws, customs, and philophies. The Deed is just an overview to help those who may be considering the mitzvah of Tefillin to make the leap and to see it's really 'not that hard'. The 'deeper' learning can come later.

Also, Rabbi Kaplan is a phenomenal teacher and speaker. Go to their audio page and download some of his classes. He is interesting, has a great personality, and teaches with passion and clarity. Reply

AA May 26, 2007

The intonation of the orator, the narrative expressed, and the appearance, the way he is sitting, person and attitude are absolutely pitiable. He is speaking to his audience, us, as if we are children.

Where is the insigh of the laws? We don't need an emotional appeal or the lack there of.

I think the idea of learning about tefilin is excellent, yet this production needs to be reproduced. Reply

Manuel Antuna Cancun, Mexico August 29, 2006

tefillin Its so real to be connected to creator; looking foward to wear one. Reply

Paul Hogg Auckland, NZ August 8, 2006

Tefillin and Closeness Thank you for showing me/us how to become closer to Our Creator throu such Mitzvoh, especially as we see pictures of men defending their counrty doing this very same deed. Reply

Lynn C Saint Petersburg, FL via July 12, 2006

Tefillin and kosher Shalom and bless you for helping me to understand the intense relationship that one can have with G-d, by both engaging in the various mitzvoh and particularly, the blessings of living a kosher life and why. All of the presentations given by the Chabad Rabbis are very endearing as well as instructive. Thank you for sharing these videos with tremendous substance and love! Reply

David Klein Roslyn, NY June 22, 2006

Tefillin My thanks for a well presented and concise presentation of the "deed" of putting on Tefillin.

I look forward to seeing the remaining work in this series and some over again. Reply

Shmuel St. Paul, MN June 18, 2006

The Deed These are great productions.
Keep up the great work! Reply

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