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Memorial Prayer

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Yizkor: Memorial Prayer

Yizkor, the memorial prayer for the departed, is observed on specific holidays for the souls of those who passed on.

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Alison F. Hecht Denver September 28, 2017

Thank you for the word that lift my spirit instead of making me cry.
My mother Phillis F. Hecht is having her Yahrzeit on this day. I will go out and help my fellow man so I may help my mother and myself. Reply

Anonymous Evanston , Illinois /USA via September 14, 2013

yiskor The prayer for my beloved Father, Mother and Sister has profound meaning to me in that I remember them in joy and sadness. The comfort that being a Jew has a deep feeling of belonging to the Jewish community our trials over time has not lessened our faith but makes it stronger Reply

Sarah du Preez Johannesburg, South Africa October 6, 2011

yizkor I am a convert, My husband and I finished our conversion, and what we are not sure, if we can do Yizkor for our late parents that was not Jewish.

Tthank u for your lessons, I am learning a lot from them. Reply

Marian Canada September 28, 2020
in response to Sarah du Preez:

Remember, there are no Jewish converts. All Jews, past present and future were at Mount Sinai with Moses. You are simply returning to Judaism , not converting. Reply

Anonymous calgary, Ab, Canada September 18, 2010

Yizkor May I suggest a Yizkor Prayer be added on line, but in order to accomplish this, you would have 10 present, so that, I as reader listener could be saying it, as part of a Minyan? Reply

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