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Decoding Judaism’s “Black Boxes”

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Decoding Judaism’s “Black Boxes”

Analysis of Rashi’s (seemingly superfluous) elucidation of the verse on Tefillin, quickly leads into broader exploration presenting a profound understanding of this foundational mitzvah. Discover defining differences between the hand and head set; and a fascinating duality of dimensions encoded into it. Revealing eye-opening legal, philosophical and mystical insights, this rumination will forever change the way you view the mitzvah of Tefillin!
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Tefillin, Va'etchanan

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Craig Singer Detroit July 31, 2021

Awesome lecture Rabbi Kaplan. But I am still confused as to whether head and hand are two mitzvot or just one? There is no separate blessing for the head tfillin but is it it a separate mitzvah that simply needs to be there? So if you do one without the other is it simply half a mitzvah you have done or you have fulfilled one mitzvah and not the second? Many thanks in advance! Zai Gezundt. Reply

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan Thornhill. ON August 1, 2021
in response to Craig Singer :

TY for your kind words. The Rambam clearly states that they are two unique and separate Mitzvot Reply

Deniece Brentwood July 29, 2020

The statement was made that a woman doesn’t spiritually need to wear Talifin . However, if a woman wishes to put on Taflin it should be a good thing.
Correct. Reply

Tzvi Borr Thornhill August 1, 2019

Decoding Judaism’s “Black Boxes” I thoroughly enjoyed the journey you took me on throughout this class. Not only did it increase my awareness of the beautiful mitzvah of tefillin, but it also provided many positive insights and strategies to improve my middos.
As a professional, I don't think that the specific metaphor of individuals with autism is fully accurate – but as an imperfect parable, it can perhaps serve a purpose. Reply

Anonymous July 27, 2018

Question from "Decoding Jewish Black Boxes" Thank you for making this wonderful series so accessible. In the "Decoding Jewish Black Boxes" segment, you mentioned that the same scripture that is in the hand tefillin, is in 4 separate boxes within the head tefillin. What is the reason for this? Reply

Rita Forbes MD July 26, 2018

Rabbi Kaplan,

An excellent, interactive, and comical class. Chimpanzees, orangutans, hot dogs; seriously Rabbi Kaplan!!?😄 Reply

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