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Medical Morals

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Medical Morals

A penetrating presentation on the ethical practice of medicine, ultimately addressing questions like: if G-d is the ultimate Healer, why are we permitted to heal, and is the practice of medicine a moral obligation? The entire lecture is ultimately based on a fuller and proper understanding of but two words of Scripture, which speak to us in the context of the obligation to indemnify victims of assault and battery. Many profound insights, fascinating historical tidbits and sacred traditions are mixed to provide an authentic Torah perspective on the science of healing.
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Rena Brooklyn March 3, 2019

I enjoyed your talk on Medical Morals. I would like to know what is the halacha concerning vaccines. Many Jewish Schools are trying to force their students to vaccinate. I've read Rabbi Yehuda Shurpin's article on chabad.org and he writes: You cannot force a healthy person to vaccinate if he has a fear of the reactions even if it's irrational. Recently I discovered that the cell lines used in the production of vaccines is made from human fetuses.(farnsworthvaccines by Dr. Jessica Farnsworth) What would be the halacha for this new information? He's waiting for the Jewish decision. What's your view public or private? Reply

Sarah Denver March 6, 2019
in response to Rena:

I want to add to this,

why is halachically okay to vaccinate? I understand that a lot of exceptions are made with Halacha if someone is sick or has a life threatening condition. But how is it allowed to harm a perfectly healthy infant or child with a vaccine? The vaccine itself often makes the baby sick (with fever, or pain At the injection site at the very least), but more so, vaccines have known and real adverse reaction (find them on the insert from the cdc, for example, search for MMR insert ), so how is it okay to potentially harm your child?

More so, vaccines have non kosher ingredients from animals (bovine serum, and monkey cells for starters, see full list By searching for vaccine excipients ), and even aborted human fetal cells (wi-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts)!

Is it not immoral to be benefiting from abortion? And to be harming a child if they are not sick?? Reply

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