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How to Become Jewish

Parshat Mishpatim

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How to Become Jewish: Parshat Mishpatim

How does a convert finish the conversion process? In the times when the Holy Temple stood, it was necessary to bring a sacrificial offering. What do we do now, after the Temple was destroyed? We look closely at the opinion of Maimonides that a convert requires “circumcision, immersion in a mikvah, and when the Temple will be rebuilt, the bringing of an offering.” (Based on Likkutei Sichot, vol. 26, p. 160.)
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Conversion (to Judaism); Convert, Mishpatim

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Saeid October 25, 2020

Shalom. How can I convert to Jewish? Reply

Olga July 7, 2017

This was so profound and touched my heart deeply. Thank you Reply

Layla Babjak NIAGARA FALLS via February 16, 2016

Thank you, Rabbi New. I am touched by your teachings and look forward to many more. Reply

analesia cassels liverpool February 7, 2016

This Rabbi is amazing. Fascinating stuff. Im extremely low in my heart at the moment this rabbi speaks truth. Hashem shines through him. I'm so grateful having been able to receive these teachings. Thank you Reply

Daniel Liebenthal February 2, 2016

But as a youngster attending Hebrew School, I was taught that Abraham Avinu was the first Jew, and that all descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are Jews. My current concern is that we Jews, and especially our rabbis, are being coerced by outside, non-Jewish interests,into teaching that we Jews are not Jews because of our descent from our patriarchs. I find this change in our teaching to be very disturbing. Reply

Clive jOHANNESBURG February 1, 2016

Shabbat I try to follow shabbat observance on Fridays with candles and Books on my own. I'm learning Uplan Hebrew and want to speak to strangers in Hebrew, it will be Buba Talk. Will Hashim accept me?

Anonymous Netanya Israel October 11, 2013

my wife wanted to be converted to Jewish in faith Reply

Anonymous Kigali, Rwanda May 20, 2013

How to become Jewish This is the best insight i have heard since begining my path to being Jewish. Thanks for illuminating why G-d, Blessed be He, goes in a round about way and does not directly have us born to a Jewish mother in the first place and why the convert is tested over and over again. All in all quite inspiring at a time of challenge. The journey continues. Thanks Reply

Anonymous USA February 7, 2013

How to Become Jewish Rabbi New, wonderful teaching, I am trying to understand what is require to be a part of the Jewish congregation. I have visited three Chabad centers and have been studying in the Internet with Chabad for three years now. I was also told that I need to convert. What are the requirements to convert? My parents, both, and their parents, I understand were Sephardic Jews. I live my life as a Jewess. Study all the books. What do I need to do? I just want to worship Hashem, blessed be He, with my people. Do I need to wait longer? I have study Torah for 30 years. But all the other books in Judaism for the past three. You say to ask oneself, is it really you? I believe I am. I made a vow to Hashem 38 years ago that I would not be the person I was. I have kept my promise. I feel indepted to Hashem in every possible way. I do not want life without him. What sould I do? Reply

Anonymous burlington, vermont September 10, 2012

wonderful...excellent.thank you Rabbi This is a great presentation...thank you ever so much..I have always been Jewish..with a Jewish soul. We all choose to be Jewish at some point in our lives...thank you again. Reply

Tess Smith Phoenix, AZ July 25, 2012

Great presentation I am a Jewish convert and this presentation truly spoke to my heart. Thank you Rabbi New. Reply

Tim Upham Tum Tum, WA June 4, 2012

It Has To Be A Personal Commitment In present time, identify is no longer determined by where you live. Intermarriage and assimilation has pretty much eradicated it. So what it turns into is a case of personal commitment. I am the product of intermarriage, and there nothing Jewish whatsoever about my upbringing. But when I heard that Jewish was in my background, then I asked to myself "What is Jewish?" So I went on a long journey, first with the Tanakh, then surprisingly got invited to be a member of a synagogue. I started going, and learned about the Siddur and Talmud. Was able to celebrate Jewish holidays with a group of people, and not just see it as a day on a calendar. I had someone ask me one time "what happens if these people are doing things, you do not know what they are doing?" I said, I just follow along with what they are doing. Like kissing a mezuzah. After that I found out what a mezuzah was, and what it meant. I am glad I made this commitment, because now I know what I am. Reply

Anonymous Leicester, UK June 2, 2012

am really interested to convert to Judaism but i on't know where to start.

Anonymous los angeles, california February 16, 2012

thank you i am a convert and you have made me feel so much more secure about my life in Judaism.
Even after 20 years i have felt not quite there. i converted not because of marriage just on the need and belief. Thank you so much you have changed my life. I have felt so less a Jew not any more. May God bless you in all things. I am a Jew.......... that's who I am. Thank you Reply

lamont myers hallandale, Fl. February 16, 2012

How to become Jewish Only from Rabbi`s do I get understanding of Torah, and see the light it gives. In my essence my soul core I feel Jewish. I am Jewish ! Reply

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