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Welcome Home


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Welcome Home: 1971

In the early 1970s, upon the Rebbe’s instruction, Rabbi Laibl Wolf worked as Hillel Rabbi at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After encountering many non-Jewish students who were curious about Judaism and wished to convert, he approached the Rebbe for advice.
Conversion (to Judaism); Convert, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Welcome Home
Disc 61, Program 242

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Chanale NY May 29, 2021

Is there a copy/picture of the letter? Reply

Dassie January 28, 2020

All you need to know in a nutshell about handling conversions What a wonderful talk.

Very clear, very beautiful, very deep.

If all Orthodox rabbis would follow the strictures outlined above, we would have fewer problems with questionable conversions or disillusioned converts.

Thank you. Reply

Carol anne Yaphank March 22, 2017

Spellbound by this wonderful video. I even after many years, still have a strong attachment to anything Jewish, despite being born into a Catholic family. It is so uplifting to hear the great wisdom coming from
the Rebbe. Many thanks to Rabbi Wolf. Reply

Robert Pepe Sharon January 2, 2016

The "coming home" is truly a major element in my conversion. I was not converting to anything, I was coming back to where my Nashama was all along. Reply

Zirnitra December 31, 2015

Coming home... Thank you for this excellent video with the wonderful spiritual mentor and master of the Kabbalah teachings, Rabbi Laibl Wolf whom, as an Australian ger drawn to orthodox conversion many years ago, I've heard so much about. Conversion for me is about coming home, a feeling difficult to describe but it's essentially a soul being drawn to its true home, a Jewish home. The process of conversion is made a little easier for those who, like myself, have a background in Classical Hebrew and Aramaic, yet that's only the beginning of the journey home. One thing I wish to mention here is that some Jews by birth tend to sometimes scorn those who have gone through (orthodox) conversion as somehow not being truly as Jewish as themselves. This is a pity because sincere converts are meant to be welcomed into the tribe, just as Ruth was thousands of years ago. Thank you again for the video. Reply

Kenneth Thompson detroit February 23, 2015

Real informative I have learned from the Rabbi, I know I am ready to become a Ger, and I feel i'm already a Ger. Reply

Leanne London, UK November 9, 2013

Beautiful video I gained so much insight from this video, and its message spoke to me...As an 18 year old soon to be embarking on this process, this video feels me with joy and emotion. For a long time I couldn't figure out why I had this unshakable urge to become Jewish and I used think G-d didn't love me because he was testing me so much and making it hard for me, but now I understand...G-d bless the Rebbe and G-d bless people like Rabbi Laibl. :') Reply

Kendra Detroit, MI November 7, 2012

Very Refreshing I really enjoyed this. As a young person (I'm 15) looking to convert when I turn 18/19, this is really refreshing. I've heard many people say that no Rabbi will help undergo the process of my "coming home" once I'm in college, and it's nice to see that people really do trust us younger future converts who have good intentions. Reply

Chava Melbourne, Australia March 24, 2012

Rabbi Laibl! Wow, it's Rabbi Laibl!! He's one of the rabbis at SpiritGrow in Melbourne. A great man with deep understanding of Torah, mitzvot and spirituality. He is an amazing teacher

Why the subtitles though??? He's speaking English Reply

Anonymous italy, italy July 28, 2011

conversion...gherus What anastonishing clear way of explaining something which could become so complicaed! II pray that perhaps, oneday I could meet Rabbi Laibl Wolf ..B"H he projects such spirituality and insight! Thank you for this video...Though I am Jewish by was very touching to hear the wisdom of the Rebbe and how he always was able to simplify (not lesson the importance of the issue) put the issue into words so we could all understand! Reply

Mr. Steve Macklin March 5, 2011

My Encounter I've meet him before; I came to one of his lectures at the Chabad-house of Cobb county in GA. From my encounter with him, he is a great and inspiring teacher, and a great mystic. And he really can see in-to one's soul. Reply

Mr. Robert Pepe November 8, 2010

As a convert 18 years ago.. I had to deal with which method of converting should I do. I could have gone the easy route and converted in a reform manner which was very easy. I chose to convert in an Orthodox manner which took almost a full year and a great deal of study. I didn't know why I chose that method at the time, but something inside told me it was the right way.... and now I know why... It was G-d who put that thought into me... and I am thankful every day... Reply

Raziela September 6, 2010

Rabbi Laibl Wolf To the Glory of G-d to hear a refined and eloquent speaker such as Rabbi Wolf.

Beautiful Reply

Bimbetta Shkoder, Albania June 22, 2010

thanks! wow.. i want to convert so this interview gave me a new hope!! thanks..

yochanan Castellanos Jerusalem, Israel November 9, 2009

welcome home I've wondered why this allseemed so natural. I came home via a Christian home and then served the Church as a Pastor for 20 years. Two years after my conversion I live in Israel and it felt like home from the first day! Reply

Gershon Ben-Avraham Merion Station, PA June 2, 2009

Never Before Never before have I heard someone express such an deep understanding of what it is to be a ger What a blessing for me to hear this. Thank you so much. Reply

Chava Oak Park, MI May 10, 2009

Welcome Home As a convert, I was very happy to hear this interview! Thank you for posting it! Reply

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