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Love the Convert

Conversion in Judaism

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Love the Convert: Conversion in Judaism

Understanding the process of Jewish conversion on five levels.
613 Lech: Love the Convert  
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Sefer HaMitzvot, Lech-Lecha, Conversion (to Judaism); Convert

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joann Day Nashville July 6, 2017

I stumbled on this and want to thank you. I converted and have been and following a Jewish life style.
This has been, like you mentioned, a complete change in my lifestyle. I appreciated this since I was under the impression the Chabad did not recognize a person who converted as a fellow Jew. My husband of blessed memory was the initiator of this path of conversion, I found Judaism answered so many questions and gave me the peace and freedom to serve others that I had been looking for Reply

Lacy Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY September 18, 2016

My conversion path. I was very inspired by your video! I have been on my path to conversion learning on my own for almost 4 years now. Watching and listening to you explain the conversion path in words I have not heard it explained in before was a fresh breath of air. I am looking for a rabbi for conversion and am yet to find one in my area of Brooklyn, Ny. Even with all the difficulties I am having I am more than ever ready to keep walking my path. Maybe you can help me in this path. Reply

kay richmond August 14, 2016

Reply to Mark Hello Mark ,
Join us in the article : Why Is Conversion to Judaism So Hard? You may find some direction there in that discussion!
k Reply

Rabbi Raskin Bklyn ny August 11, 2016

Conversion Dear Mark,
You can contact me directly @ ravraskin @ Reply

Mark Philippines August 10, 2016

I want to convert to Judaism Hi,
It is really an inspiring video. I was born in a muslim family and I left islam and converted to Christianity because islam was not for me. It's so much hatred and full with teaching of Polygamy. In Christianity we have a lot of separation and a lot of division with doctrine which is really confusing. So I want to convert to the old one. Now I am in Philippines. I live in Cavite city. Can anyone help me to get in touch with a synagouge or with someone who can teach me and help me to get convert to Judaism. Reply

Arnold Mindanao February 9, 2015

Thank you Michael for your responses, though it so sad but I'm happy to found Judaism in my life, I know HaShem will find a way to fulfill everything for His honor. Shalom Reply

Michael January 28, 2015

Answer to Arnold Arnold, Yes you are and every single human being Jewish or not cause we are all his creations a Hashem is our Lord, as you can see after more than three months anyone respond your question even when the site is dedicated to Judaism a spread the truth of the Torah teachings., very sad. Reply

arnold Philippines November 14, 2014

In my situation since there is only one beit Knesset in the Philippines , I found it hard to be officially convert to Judaism , I need to travel 3 days from Mindanao to Manila to meet a Rabbi and as far as I know that the rabbi are following standard operating procedure ,maybe he refuse my proposal 3 to 4 times. On the other hand, though I am not officially convert to Judaism ,am I qualified to recite a shabbat prayer or any berakah to HaShem ? Reply

Paul Bourgeois November 10, 2014

There's only one Torah (and a whole lot of commentary, as Hillel said). Now there might be a double standard, but even then I don't know. Who am I? I don't know. The first of the ten commandments says. "I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt." So I guess being Jewish has to do with heredity. The Zohar in the Prologue to Breshit says that the Eighth Precept of the Torah is "to love the proselyte who comes to be circumcised and to be brought under the wings of the Divine Presence (Shekinah)" and then it goes on to say who comes under the wings of Torah. I don't get it. I don't understand it. But I read it and I try to know, and I will spend my life studying and praying and trying to be an ethical person according to Torah. That's all anybody can do. Reply

Anonymous Netherlands November 4, 2014

Hmmmmm I sometimes have a great problem with jews who at a later time in their life discover they are in fact jewish. Even though they have not been raised jewish but most of the time christian, they are in fact jewish and are treated so even though they have no knowledge whatsoever of jewish customs, laws etc. I personally find that there should be a sort of conversion to how it is to be Jewish and what this means in daily life, partyicularly for Jews that have not been raised according to Jewish standards. I Mean language, Brit mila a.o. This also appeals to their marital partners. Reply

batya Bavel.....Dallas via October 31, 2014

After living in Safed for fives years,and felt always I was looking in,and they not seeing who was seated next to them. Not all ,yet what papers did Avraham had?
Finding Jewish Roots from Spain,Cuba and alone. I found my way back to Torah. Like Avraham ,I too ,heard and took hold of Torah!
40 years, 5 in higher levels of Torah. Safed a Holy City. I am still waiting.we demand too much for converts,yet how do we see those who Hashem is calling back? those who are jewish yet forgotten?
My records are in Cuba of my grandmother & father who started in Spain.
I wish to return as a Jew not a convert<although I am Frum... Reply

Germano Riviera Rios. Palm Harbor October 31, 2014

And what about ! There are many of us Morranos that do not have any proof of our ancestry since we left Spain during the inquisition. There were many of us that left with so little; many of us with the only things we have on...Many of us did not or have not belong to any other religion, have not left our parents; some times are parents have left us...I have been a Jew since birth; never have received my Brit Milah, but have been very proud of been a Jew...This I learn from my adoptive grandmother by the specific intructions of my mother. My Jewish name that my grandmother told my when I was around nine years old is Jeremiah Levy.....(little Levy I was call as a child) Have been trying to be accepted at some of the synagoges that I did went many times in Brooklyn, NY, and try to solve my present situation, but was told that this was at the cost of $2000 dollars, and this tood part around 28 years ago. Now I do live in Palm Harbor and my Ribby tells me that I have to go through the proccess of convertion. Reply

Barbara Todd El Mirage October 31, 2014

There are two Torah's? If there were only one Torah, why make it more difficult than what you would want for yourself? You are declaring two Torahs?? Reply

arnold Mindanao, Philippines October 30, 2014

I have learned that My ancestor was a Jewish , I live in Mindanao , Philippines . I am really bless by this message and decided to be convert to Judaism. Thank you Rabbi for your wonderful message of hope. Reply

Paul Bourgeois Halifax, Canada October 29, 2014

Maybe the souls that Abraham converted are seeking to become Chldren of Moses in future transmigrations. Reply

Laura Kresel Milford, Pa October 29, 2014

I think this was just wonderful to listen to . The Rabbi Raskin was so informative and I enjoyed his stories too. I can't wait to listen to more lectures. Reply

Michael Attias Mexico DF October 28, 2014

Very Nice Drasha Very nice Drasha, unfortunately in these days the truth is that the majority of Jewish communities does not follow this Mitzvah even thought is mentioned in the Torah around 36 times.
I live in Mexico and has a conversion from Rabbi Samuel Lerer and my father was Jewish even with this any community recognize the conversion and give any kind of support (spiritual) is a very sad truth especially in these days where the Messiah is very near to come, the only path we have those in my situation is to not give in a try to follow the Torah and G´d will as best as we can. Reply

Pam Brooklyn, NY October 5, 2013

Rabbi Raskin's "Love the Convert" - what a great message! Rabbi Raskin has an amazing, thorough and extremely interesting presentation in all of his videos but especially this one. The way he weaves the number of references in the message and not only TELLS the message but explains why and how we can all improve ourselves. I am so thankful these are recorded so I may listen to them especially when I need to be lifted up - and that's often! Reply