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The Eternal Covenant

The Mitzvah of Brit Milah

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The Eternal Covenant : The Mitzvah of Brit Milah

Why is circumcision the first mitzvah that G-d gave Abraham? This class explores the meaning and many other facets of this essential mitzvah.
613 Bris Milah  
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Sefer HaMitzvot, Vayeira, Brit Milah

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Rabbi A. Raskin Bklyn hts January 28, 2014

Thank you May G-d bless you with continuous health and growth in Torah and mitzvohs . Reply

kenneth / kasriel Gaddy / Gaddi October 16, 2013

This is in hope for continued blessing from Hashem upon you. You enrich my life very much. I am an shut in and have no means for transportation, so you and other members of Chabad are an Torah ohr L'Chai . Boruch Hashem may you continue in this all your days. Reply

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