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Why ISIS Has Nothing on Abraham

A 90-second insight on the Parshah

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Why ISIS Has Nothing on Abraham: A 90-second insight on the Parshah

What is so special about Avraham’s self-sacrifice for G-d, considering that we find many who were willing to give up their life for all types of causes?
Binding of Isaac, Self Sacrifice, Vayeira

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Anonymous October 31, 2015

Very clever. A little humility would not go amiss. ''Sacrifices'' true signature [and or 'key']. You know - that inner one. Reply

Carolyn October 31, 2015

Thank you so much! I needed to hear your explanation, and your words: do what you do, not for the sake of your own self identity; but rather, for God. Puts the focus right where it belongs! Love it! Bless you guys, and bless The Name. Reply

Anonymous New York October 30, 2015

I don't get it! What is the point of Jews sacrifice with the ISIS and Abraham?
Are we suppose to think that the ISIS sacrifice Jews (Itschak) in the name of Allah (G.d) and they are a substitute of Abraham? Reply

Steve Miller Philadelphia October 29, 2015

you guys rock!! totally loved this!!! So true..short/to the point easy to understand and you guy rock!!! Le'Cheim!!! Reply

Anonymous NEW HAVEN October 25, 2015

Thank you for clarifying what made Avraham different as things can get cloudy in this murky world Reply

Diana December 2, 2014

Love the way Chabad always have innovative ways of teaching Judaism Love it!! Chabad has always got awesome things up their sleeve......keep it up! cool to see the singer speaking...... Reply

larry NYC November 10, 2014

HORRIBLE TITLE To have Abraham our forefather, in the same line as ISIS? Think of a better way to title it, Reply

Anonymous November 9, 2014

Excellent way of putting it....thank you for doing this every week....

great way to synthesize your musical messages with actual messages..both are great kiddush Hashem.

chazak!! Reply

Chava Gilo, Eretz Yisroel November 8, 2014

Beautiful, thank you! Nice!
Great video and great message! Reply

André Menezes Recife November 7, 2014

A very good message!!! I do not get tired of thanking G'd for this website. This website is where I feed myself with wise teachings!!

Shabat Shalom from Brasil,

André. Reply

Rabbi Moishe Leider san diego November 7, 2014

Great message and presented very well. We Jews should be just as proud of our heros as others are but ours are real while very often others are not. Did George Washington really chop down a cherry tree? Please keep these messages coming Reply

Yossie Nemes Metairie November 6, 2014

Very Nice Yasher Koach, very well done. I heard from Reb Mendel Futerfas that the KGB (GPU) told him during an interrogation that they would take him downstairs and shoot him, and he should not think he will become a hero or martyr, as he stood strong for his faith, for they will insure that no one will know what happened to him! Reply

Chony Milecki Brooklyn November 6, 2014

Who's comparing? We weren't comparing Jews with anyone; just noting why Abraham's sacrifice was especially noteworthy, and what we can do to emulate it in our own small way. Reply

Anonymous Israel November 6, 2014

Jewish Triumphalism Young Jews are being turned off to their own beautiful heritage because of something called 'triumphalism'. You hear it in synagogues everywhere. I just heard it again in this video. In essence.....'THEY' (all other religions, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam) things in an inferior way. But 'WE'......
We've had our own 'Masadas', Zeleots, Asassins, Baruch Goldsteins and whoever was the jewish youth who sacrificed the life of Yitzak Rabin. And it's getting more alarming in israel as we speak. We don't need to compare. HaShem created many different roads and paths that lead back Home. Our job as Jews is to walk in the footsteps of Avraham----keep our tent open on all four sides to welcome all guests, and greet them with big hospitality and the idea that we are all ONE. If we sacrifice something, let's sacrifice triumphalism. Reply

Chavah Kwiatkowska Latvia November 6, 2014

A great message and a great video! It's just fun to watch! Thank you! Reply

Anonymous November 6, 2014

When he was willing to take his son's life for G-d's command ? How do you interpret that?
Should've said no it's against my human ability to do it? Was he afraid from G-d to do harm to him if he didn't obey him so he will put his life at risk instead sacrifice his son? what about the ram he found after that was caught in the thicket ? Shouldn't he let it free as it was caught and couldn't walk?
He was able to recognize G-d but I see he didn't understand G-d or what G-d wants him to do and the people didn't understand either this point.
what you said about a person should sacrificing his own life by living for the help of others that is the true point, that what G-d wanted him to do, he didn't help his son nor the ram. He didn't sacrifice himself for saving them. Reply

jeffrey rosner LONG BEACH NY November 6, 2014

BH, Well Done, Rabbis. Reply

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