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First Do and the Feeling Will Follow

Life Lessons from Parshat Vayeira

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First Do and the Feeling Will Follow: Life Lessons from Parshat Vayeira

Rabbi Gordon shares inspirational Torah insights on the weekly Torah portion with practical life lessons.
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Action; Deed, Elisha and the Cruse of Oil, Vayeira

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Rachel Singer October 18, 2021

Simply tears hearing this truth, thank you. Reply

russell burton missouri January 25, 2016

hello Great lesson ! Reply

Ester Dora Tarnogol Buenos Aires October 31, 2015

Wonderful lesson, thank you very much Rabbi, G-d blesses you!!! Reply

Jorge Sydney March 20, 2015

Marvelous class. Thank you Rabbi Gordon. Reply

Natan Redlands, CA November 14, 2013

Rabbi Yehoshu B. Gordon,

Thank you so much for such a heartfelt and profound lesson. You are a tremendous blessing and have inspired many people. Your daily Torah Classes and now these new lessons have drawn me closer to Hashem and inspired me to live a Torah Observant life.
It is said that when you teach a person a bit of Torah you become a spiritual father to them and I know that when you enter the world to come you will find that you have many sons. May G-d bless you with long life and health so you can continue to spread the Knowledge of G-d and His Torah throughout the world. Reply

Ashley Louisiana October 21, 2013

Thank you! Such depth...thank you Rabbi. We can all apply this Reply

David Levant Emerson,NJ October 21, 2013

One should learn before doing. Did you ever try to assemble something without the directions? It looks so simple,how hard can it be. Later,one finds out they are unable to put together a seemingly easy project. If you do not look at the directions first, you may end up with pieces left over,or not accomplish the task at all. Reply

Karine ABBOU France October 20, 2013

Powerful lesson Just the true... Just live it, and after we'll feel it Reply

Chavah Kwiatkowska Latvia October 18, 2013

This is a wonderful lesson. Thank you very much, dear Rabbi Gordon! Reply

Lisa Aubert Long Beach, CA October 17, 2013

cruse of oil Just what I needed to hear especially from one of my all-time favorite rabbis! Always good to hear about the prophets and to hear from Rabbi Gordon. Reply

James Brush Key Largo October 16, 2013

Miracle of the Increase of the Widow's Oil- 2 KINGS Chapter 4 vs-1 thru 7 This is getting very freaky/ I just studied/read this story about Elisha this morning. "Go. sell the oil and pay the debt." Thank you Chabad Reply

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