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Understanding Shelichut

The power of an emissary (shliach)

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Understanding Shelichut: The power of an emissary (shliach)

Five levels of meaning to the concept of shaliach, an emissary to carry out the mission for which one was appointed.
613 Vayishlach shelichut  
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Sefer HaMitzvot, Shelichut; the Shaliach, Shaliach, Shelichut, Vayishlach

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1 Comment
M. Diane Flushing, NY July 4, 2016

Another home run! Awesome, again, Rabbi Raskin! You answered several questions in one lecture; and. as usual, your presentation is so clear and concise that when the information enters my brain it feels profoundly satisfying intellectually, spiritually (Torah) and 'Kabbalistically.' (I don't think that is actually a word). Reply

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