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The Jewish Wedding

Understanding the Mitzvah of Marriage

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The Jewish Wedding: Understanding the Mitzvah of Marriage

A deeper look at some of the unique components of the Jewish wedding ceremony, and insights on the special mitzvah of marriage.
613 Chayei-Sarah Marriage  
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Ki Teitzei, Sefer HaMitzvot, Marriage, Chayei Sarah, Wedding

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Evan May 8, 2014

I am not religious myself, but I find this all very interesting. How religion can bring people together no matter what or whom they may be. Reply

Anonymous stockholm October 24, 2013

I am grateful for this teaching It´s very important the holiness of the marriage and that you have to give your all. I shall conserve that in my heart and to do that. Reply

Anonymous October 21, 2013


Todah. I learned that for our marriage, giving our best is not enough. We have to give all we have. Reply

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