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What Happens at a Jewish Wedding?

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What Happens at a Jewish Wedding?

The Jewish wedding is a spiritual and uplifting experience. Learn more about the Jewish wedding, what to expect, and a bit about the inner dimension of the Jewish marriage ceremony.

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Wahwassuck Walkeen July 28, 2018

Very beautiful and exciting look at this Jewish wedding! Many blessings for all Jewish weddings! Reply

Anonymous July 26, 2018

It looks beautiful! I am just wondering if there is divorce among Jewish people, and if so, what is the divorce rate? Many thanks for answering my question. Reply

Janet Thompson Green Valley AZ July 25, 2018

Add a comment... What a joyful experience!! It made me wish that I was Jewish, so I could have had such a wonderful day!! I love the symbolism and joy! Thank you for this short but delightful and meaningful video! Reply

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