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A Pastor’s Journey to Judaism

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A Pastor’s Journey to Judaism

Once an evangelical pastor, Yaakov Parisi shares the fascinating story of his lifelong journey to becoming Jewish. Recorded at Chabad of Oxford University.
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JCM Accra Ghana May 7, 2017

I'm a Ghanaian Jew. I was born into a Jewish Family. My parents are Jews. I grew up with Christians and Muslims but mostly Christians. I have asked so many questions but they are always left unanswered. The truth is, I believe in the most high. He is one and only G-d and no one else. The messiah is yet to come. My dream is to visit Israel next year. Shalom to all! Reply

Shoshana Jerusalem March 15, 2016

Trixy Blaine MN June 2013 You don't have to be Jewish, but why be an atheist? Don't misunderstand me, I'm not trying to convert you, that is forbidden in Judaism, and non-Jews are not required to be Jews.

BUT why be an atheist? Maybe look into the Seven Commandments of the Children of Noah which were given to all mankind after the Great Flood.

G-d has given you so much, why not thank Him? Reply

Myriam March 14, 2016

Incredible amazing Reply

Tyce loftus USA December 14, 2015

Raised Mormon Reading Torah, listening to different rabbi testimonials is changing my life. I love God and a simple Jewish man is who I aim to be. Reply

Alessandro Brazil September 23, 2014

ahaahah incredible, the same feeling that I had when I realizied that JUdaism is the truth, mazal tov. Reply

Trixy Blaine MN June 20, 2013

Wow Very good, my study was the same being raised a Lutheran. I asked many questions, was told that its just the was it is and was never given any answers. Discovered on my own that all our traditions were pagan traditions. Was told if i don't agree with it start my own church. Well that wasn't for me. I'm not a leader, but I am also not a blind sheep, I think for my self and question everything. Eventually I lost all my faith and am now an atheist. Reply

Rob February 16, 2013

Thank you! His story is so inspirational to me. I am in the converstion process now so much of his story is similar to mine. I went to a messianic congregation for almost a year and I said "what am I doing...." and I looked into all the work by Tovia singer, and Jews for Judaism, ect and after a year I realized I wanted to convert. Reply

Leah in VA VA January 1, 2013

Incredible, powerful, and uplifting I really enjoyed this a lot. I spend a lot of time listening to classes here, and I have to say that this one is really one of the best ones I have ever heard. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your story with us.

As another poster mentioned above, I am a Jew from birth, and I came away with a lot. Reply

Anonymous Be''ezrat Hashem the Beit HaMikdash Mamash Kol Yisrael in Yerushalayim Mayata vad Olam., New York July 31, 2012

Astonishing Video! G-d Bless You and the Entire World to Love One Another In Peace and Truth! Reply

Joseph Niceville, FL January 19, 2012

Jewish blood Shoshana,
one day, finances permiting I will have my mother's dna checked. They can use the old sample I gave for my father's dna. Interesting how the Scottish and Irish have a long mythos of being ancient Israelites. I wonder if one day that can be proven. The Danites were seafarers and had colonies in Greece and beyond a long time ago. I'm not talking about British Israelism--but scattered Israelite trading colonies. It would be great if dna eventually proves it. G-d's prophecy would come true today. G-d bless. I hope to visit Israel some day soon. I am saving for the trip already. Reply

Shoshana Jerusalem, Israel January 15, 2012

To Joseph Thank you for defending Israel. Every good word helps a whole lot.

I thought that maybe the Jewish blood was from your mother's side, i.e., great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, which makes a person a born Jew. But not if it's from the father.

With best wishes, Reply

Joseph Niceville, FL January 9, 2012

Jewish blood Shoshana,
my Jewish blood came from my grandmother on my fatrher's side. I had my dna done on that side. It showed a percentage of Ashkenazi. My grandmother was a Simmons, Renana Simmons. Here grandfather was from Kiel Germany. I think they had not been practicing for a few generations. I haven't had my mothers side checked; but she was Irish. Having been orphaned at 3 that's all I know about her. I have always felt a strong pull toward Israel--and often defend her when I hear people bashing her. I support Israel in every way I can. Albeit small but I hope it makes a difference. Reply

Shoshana Jerusalem, Israel January 7, 2012

Joseph Jan.2 You mentioned that you have Jewish blood in your heritage. Just out of curiosity, is this from your mother's side or your father's side? Reply

Joseph Niceville, FL January 2, 2012

Nice video This is a nice conversion story. I think your Catholic experience is not the same as everyone. I have some Jewish heritage, not raised, strictly blood. I became Catholic in 2008.
The Catholic mass is a copy of the old Jewish temple worship when you disect it, to a "T". I love and embrace my Catholic faith. I feel it draws me closer to G-d.
Unlike evangelicals I don't feel Jews must convert to Chistianity. G-d made a covenant with Israel for all time. Find G-d. Seek him out. When you seek him with your heart you will find him. G-d bless. Reply

Anonymous Anonville January 1, 2012

Finding where one belongs Surely, if you don't keep persisting in following where you are being lead - which entails head AND heart as we are both - you are likely to get somewhere else. If you are sure you want something, then it follows that you should keep persuing it.

A good question seems to be what does it mean to keep persuing something. First, you have to know your goal. Then you work on strategies to get there. If something doesn't work, reassess & try something else, & so on. If you want it, keep at it & don't wait for a grand invitation. A liitle bit is better than nothing. And a lot of little bits can add up to a way that works. If you hide under a rock, you stay under the rock. And you've got to try to be in with a chance. And keep trying. Not trying is to give up. Every strength. Reply

miriam Darlington, England December 31, 2011

I am so emotional after listening to Yaacov and then reading all the comments. I grew up as RC, then Evangelical and now seeking to convert to Judaism in my search for The TRUTH. I would like to ask JAKE from WIMBLEDON how he found a Rabbi to support him in UK. I live in the North East
and have not been successful. I am very excited to see so many others on a similar journey and indeed reached their destination, I somehow don't feel so lonely
:-) I would be most grateful for any advice. Reply

Liz Dallas, Texas December 22, 2011

This was very eye opening, I started reading Torah this year, and began to realize the differences between the Christian Bible and the Torah. I've been struggling with what to believe, everyday I move closer to Judaism and G-d, I know now the true path to G-d is through the teachings of Torah. If you search for truth you will find it. Reply

Ann Throckmorton Riverdale, GA December 12, 2011

So Helpful Encouraging message. I'm on a path to conversion myself and have experienced the falling away of people which Yaakov Ephraim so touchingly communicated. This website is so very important. My soul feels better and better every day, now that I've chosen to accept my path to Truth after years of questioning those things which did not "add up." Now I simply must conquer my hesitation to connect physically with the Jewish Community. I feel so unworthy, but I know I will not be at peace until I take myself to actually connect with others. I must not continue to "hide" in front of this computer and "go it alone". Again, this presentation gives me great encouragement. Thank You so much. Reply

Anonymous New York City, NY August 26, 2011

After watching this video, tears are flowing He and his wife are so inspiring. Now, I am certain where I belong. Please all that read this, keep me in your thoughts as I start my REAL journey. Reply

Anonymous B August 9, 2011

Not about ego People can be offended by the beliefs of others and this is what lack of humility is.

People are entitled to their beliefs.

I am horrified, as I should be, by those who attack others because of what they believe. One can attack verbally also and a verbal attack can lay the seeds for a physical attack.

I listened to this speaker carefully and I did not hear ego and a lack of humility. What I heard was a man who followed the promptings of his soul. And that is healthy and is certainly not a crime of any sort.

If one does not follow one's deepest promptings, what does one follow? I am not saying to ONLY follow the deep urgings inside as one needs balance and truth. And this speaker sought those aspects too. Indeed it was refreshing to hear how humble he actually was, as he followed his urgings and kept adjusting according to how the total picture was adding up for him. Reply

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