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Sons and Daughters of Abraham

Rabbi Herbert Bomzer

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Sons and Daughters of Abraham: Rabbi Herbert Bomzer

“As a Jewish convert, you are especially beloved by G-d — even more so than myself or the rabbi that converted you!” “May your conversion be a good start for a new life, and go from strength to strength.”
Conversion (to Judaism); Convert, Lubavitcher Rebbe
Sons and Daughters of Abraham
Rabbi Herbert Bomzer
Disc 80, Program 318

Event Date: 26 Cheshvan 5752 - November 03, 1991
Living Torah

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Robert P Boston August 14, 2014

Convert I converted 21 years ago and am still struggling with acceptance among some Jews. I am friendly with my local Chabad Rabbi and we learn together regularly. He is an amazing man. We have gone to 770 many times and to the Ohel.

The problem is when I go into 770 people look and stare. I have heard them speaking negative things about me. I do not "Look" Jewish. I have a non-Jewish last name. What if anything should I do about it. I am drawn to the teaching of the Rebbe and Chabad and want to feel "at home" in 770. Any suggestions? Reply

Rabbi Manny Vinas yonkers, NY/USA July 21, 2011

Blessing to Rabbi Bomzer! Rabbi Bomzer is a Tzaddik. He has helped so many people convert to a Torah life and the Rebbe knew that so he blessed him for his work. Alas, his converts are today not recognized by the Rabanut and our Rebbe is maligned for his holy work. But here clearly you see that the Rebbe of Lubavitch recognized that woman as a Jew after she had undergone giur from Rabbi Bomzer. Reply

Anonymous January 5, 2018
in response to Rabbi Manny Vinas:

Your statements that "his converts are today not recognized by the Rabanut" are completely false,inaccurate, ignorant and misleading. His converts have always been and still are recognized by the Israeli rabbinate. Reply

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