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My Thoughts on Converts

Why are converts so beloved to Hashem?

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My Thoughts on Converts: Why are converts so beloved to Hashem?

Conversion (to Judaism); Convert

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Ken Burlington, Connecticut via December 31, 2018

I’d like to share with you the reason for my conversion to Judaism. I came from a mixed marriage, where my Mother is Roman Catholic and my Father is a Jew. I became disillusioned in the teachings of the Catholic Church in the 60’s. Changing the prayers from Latin to Old English was fine, but changing to Modern English, lost its ties to the past. And the Priest in avoiding any questions or statements regarding Jews. In 1974, I made the decision to convert. It took several meetings with a local Rabbi to convince him of my desire to convert. Over a year of studies, drawing of blood to signify the circumcision, then the immersion in the Mikvah and meeting with a board of 3 Rabbis, before given a Hebrew name. But once I was given a Hebrew name, I could feel a weight lifting off my shoulders. It was at this time I realized this is the path that I needed to take. I continue to learn more and more about Judaism. The Chabad website is highly informative and I’m thankful for it. Reply

Debra Paulino Silver Lake October 21, 2018

Lovely. Said new. Never heard of the story of Satan. That is interesting. I also found Judaism and the more I learn the more I know it is right. It has everything. Suggestion for the fine presenter. Please do not lay hands repeatedly on podium. The microphone picks it up. Annoying. Thx. Reply

Marty Goodman West Bloomfield Michigan October 22, 2018
in response to Debra Paulino:

Debra thank you for your kind words and thank you for the suggestion about my hands near the microphone never thought about it that’s why it’s good for people to make comments God bless you and enjoy :-) Reply

Tristan Krahn Lloydminster, Canada April 10, 2018

This is one of the most beautiful teachings I have seen. As someone who is a gentile practicing to become a Jew, this teaching resonates with me, indeed fills me with hope and reaffirms my faith in Hashem. I would like to share this video with people in my life who have trouble understanding my desire to convert. Marty Goodman’s words here explain to me why I have been filled with an overwhelming passion for learning Torah and for that elucidation, I thank him. Reply

Marty Goodman West Bloomfield April 10, 2018
in response to Tristan Krahn:

Dear Tristan, thank you for responding I’m glad to hear that you found my lecture helpful. May God bless you and help you on your journey :-) yours truly Marty Reply

kay April 23, 2018
in response to Tristan Krahn:

you said that perfectly, I as well am converting. Reply

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