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My Thoughts on Guilt

Is it good or bad?

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My Thoughts on Guilt: Is it good or bad?

Regret, Guilt

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Marty Goodman West Bloomfield March 28, 2023

Dear JDV, thank you for listening to my lecture. In response to your question of guilt, everything has a place if used properly. Guilt is many times like a hot pot once you pick it up you have to let it go. Otherwise it’ll burn you. We do need to recognise our mistakes but that’s how we grow. The stairway to Heaven is paved with failure Many times guilt is the tool of the devil so we just wanna visit we don’t wanna live there we need to believe with all of our heart that God forgives any and every sin! Have a great Pesach Reply

JDV JDV March 27, 2023

Is guilt a motivator? Do we need it in our shadow so that people would get things done? Reply

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