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My Thoughts: Authenticity of Judaism

Proving the presence of G-d and the Torah.

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My Thoughts: Authenticity of Judaism: Proving the presence of G-d and the Torah.

Divine Revelation

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s UK August 11, 2016

Torah Science HaShem is the greatest scientist and mankind is the student.

Evolution has done much damage to peoples thinking, mankind was created an intelligent being i.e. Adam named all the animals

The mothers of Samson and Samuel were instructed on what to, and what not to eat and drink during pregnancy.

How emotion affect the organs and limbs, plant and their properties for food and medicine. Seasons, growing times, harvest, celebration as well as hard work.

The Torah is the blueprint of life in harmony with HaShem and the universe. Reply

M. Diane Flushing, NY August 10, 2016

The 'lentil' I have heard some people refer to a tiny bone which is described as indestructible no matter whether one is cremated or preserved with chemicals or naturally interred. It is supposedly the very last tiny bone at the end of the spinal column. Whether it is that one or another, it is easy to believe that G-d will be able to reverse engineer us from whatever tiny cell or piece He has to work with on that dreadful day. Again, a very interesting talk - but much too short. Thank you. Reply

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