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Stop Feeling Guilty and Inadequate

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Stop Feeling Guilty and Inadequate


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George Waters Derby May 1, 2019

This video comes to me at a time where I am feeling very sad, as I just spent some time in my garden thinking of my wife to be who tragically passed before we could be married back in Feb of 1996, and how I never got over that.
Her father, considered me to be is son-in-law right up to his own passing, a few years ago... and I viewed this as the greatest blessing I could have ever received.
But now I wonder, do I remain devoted to my wife to be... or perhaps try and find.....
I cannot even finish this sentence - so perhaps I know the answer.
But again, I cannot thank you enough for posting this video with your message. Reply

Chana Weisberg for Chabad.org May 6, 2019
in response to George Waters:

I'm so sorry to your loss. I appreciate you posting your thoughts and thank you for your kind words. Reply

Anonymous Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires April 29, 2019

Bs"d Thank you! Beautiful Reply

Chana Weisberg for Chabad.org May 6, 2019
in response to Anonymous:

Thank you! Reply

שושנה April 28, 2019

Thank you Chana, just what I believe I needed to hear, יישר כח!! Reply

Mrs. Chana Weisberg April 30, 2019
in response to שושנה:

I'm so happy to hear that, thank you! Reply

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