Kabbalistic FreeRunning was inspired by a Discovery Channel Time-Warp video. You can find the Diving Flip segment on their site, but if you have iTunes, watch the whole thing on the Discovery Channel Video Podcasts. Look for Time Warp: Freerunners. It's mind-bending—plus you'll really get what I'm getting at here.

If the human psyche is a bustling city (and it is, trust me) then life is an urban obstacle course. Some have pleasant, calm suburban psyche's built with homogenous, low lying homes evenly distributed across the landscape. Others live hopping from skyscraper to towering skyscraper, regularly missing the open window and plummeting to the ground.

Everyone falls. Everyone occasionally comes crashing to the ground. The trick is knowing how to fall.

The first trick in falling is knowing how to let yourself compress into a little ball. Big guys crash hard. Make yourself small and it doesn't hurt so bad.

The next trick is knowing how to spring out of that ball. Of course, if you kept yourself big there's no spring effect. But once you are small, as the Zohar says, you can be big.

Then comes the trick we were talking about: Believe in the fall. Believe that the fall has a purpose—not to throw you down, but to propel you forward.

And then, with all the force of that downward thrust, spring ahead and leap that skyscraper in a single bound.

Just in case, make sure there's an open window in your path.