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The Soul of the Universe

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Soul of the Universe

Does the universe have intelligence and consciousness; is it not far more complex than the human brain?
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Chassidism, G-d and Man, Sefirot, Tanya

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Paul Palnik Columbus, Ohio. December 25, 2014

The En Sof is far greater than this young fellow's explanations. He only knows his own consciousness and spiritual life and yet he expands his explanations as spiritual facts for all. The En Sof is far greater than this rabbi's own unique experience. How God relates to all His children is forever hidden from his understanding and yet the good rabbi speaks as if he has The Truth in his complete possession. God is absolutely unique and He relates to each individual with this same uniqueness. The Torah makes this crystal clear as we say; The God of Abraham. The God of Isaac. The God of Jacob, We do NOT say, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as each person relates to The En Sof uniquely. Reply

Anonymous australia November 14, 2012

Thank you,Great food for the soul. Reply

Shmelke Jerusalem November 8, 2012

Love the Torah... don't like the prejudice. It bothers me that you only "admitted" at the end that the Baal HaTanya received his teachings from the Baal Shem (by way of the Maggid.) The videos caption makes it out like the Tanya is the only one to do that, forget about the many other sforim written by different talmididim of the Besht directly, and their students students. Why are only Chabad chassidim considered "chassidim." And since when was the Ari's teaching only about out there? All the mashalim are based on a person's emotions and body, from the very names of the sfiros... this goes back to the Zohar. Even Christians were aware of this stuff, when they translated the Zohar into Latin in the 1400's. And of course the worlds are "out there" just as much as they are in here. The fractal template remains the same, but it doesn't mean our consciousnesses has access to the higher fractal. And the rules and relationships change. We can't understand everything in this world. I feel coerced. I love the Torah, I'm staying "litvak" Reply

Miriam Watertown, MA July 1, 2011

Essence This interview is the essence of Jewish mysticism. It's the next step where we're not even arrived yet, though advanced theory is with us now for a few hundred years, that is Shem Tov and Tanya. If we'd have more of this, written, spoken and taught, world would be a different place.

The story of Sefer Etz buried with R. Vital is symbolic. We need Kabbalah alive, in Shem Tov and Tanya wisdom, the way you teach it. Reply

Anonymous Toowoomba, qld australia August 3, 2010

tanya interviews in knowing through faith that G-D is INFINITE then i am most comfortable with the awareness of infinite possibilities of the work HE is doing with me and through me. thanks. i love my awareness being stretched. ...julia Reply

john toronto, canada May 1, 2010

on the very essence of the one true G-D Greek vs jewish concept is irrelevant! God is reality itself, that is alive and created all souls. The soul does not create, it merely reflects reality. Reality came first. It is the most primeval of elements: energy that souls are made of. Souls are important tools to get to know G-D, but one's soul is not G-D. G-D is one, souls are one. Soul's are the means to know G-D, but souls ought not to be identified with G-D. In the end the wise will realize, G-D is not a greek, or jewish concept. G_D is reality to be known. Reality does not need to know souls, for he knows everything. It is the rightous souls that ought to be G-D's son and seek after him. Reply

david russellville, AR/ USA February 12, 2010

to Rabbi Tzvi Freeman i guess what im asking is... are your ways the only way to achive holyness? i wish to please God but i didnt even know what mitzva was until i found this website. Reply

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman February 7, 2010

To David in Russelville Did someone imply that in the interview? The Jewish People were chosen to be a holy people. But the Midrash says that any human being can attain holiness, if he strives towards it with all his heart. Reply

david russellville, AR/usa February 5, 2010

so you can only be holy if you are jew? what if my parents are central american not jew, how is that my fault? Reply

Mrs. Celine Bennett July 9, 2009

infinite and finite I really enjoyed and can relate to the idea of getting on my knees to my children's levels. Would I give my life to save one of my children, absolutely! I love them, I couldn't bare any to perish if I could do something about it.
Will the Messiah find faith when He comes?
We have time.
Very inspiring, thank you! Reply

Shirley and Grace Naham NY, NY December 25, 2008

Tanya Thank you for teaching me such awesome stuff. Reply

Roxanne December 1, 2008

R' Freeman So nice to see R' Freeman in an interview and not just in print! Reply

Michal October 20, 2008

Tanya Interviews (Messages) Dear Rabbi Freeman,
I never had known, that the Tanya is actually the Kabbala for the "Man on the street". written by R. Shneur Zalman of Liadi in 1796.
I listened several times to your lecture, and then I looked and listened to all the Tanya-Interviews. I really cannot say, that I was able to grasp everything, but I was really delighted to be able to hear and see this. That is the reason too, that from now on I will with an open heart listen to "Tanya".
every day and am thankful for this opportunity
I had several times tried to learn about the Kabbala, but as I am a "women of the street", it was too difficult for me also.
Today I received already the Tanya parts for three days (due to the holidays). I printed them out, so that on Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah I can enjoy it quietly.
I wish you happy holidays!
(I know, this is more a letter than a comment. But this way I could thank you!) Reply

Emil October 17, 2008

Thank you Father. I agree with Carolina, please continue with more of this, and it would be very nice, if you put there more emotions. I love your voice and unique style so much. Reply

Carolina October 11, 2008

Please continue with more of this Reply

Host, Michael Chighel, talks to some of the world's greatest experts about the masterpiece of Hasidic thought, the book of Tanya.
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