In the Dark of the Storm

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In the Dark of the Storm

"But why do You hide?" I asked.
"To make room for you," G-d replied.
Tzimtzum, Giver and Recipient, Pain, Suffering & Tragedy, G-d and Man, Hurricane Katrina (2005)

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Mendy Hecht Spring Valley November 11, 2021

Can you guys update this, now that Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported (at least on my browser here)? I would love to watch this again, but I can't because it's in the "wrong" format. Reply

Phylicia Philadelphia April 8, 2020

Rabbi Freeman:

You are phenomenal with undeniable insight, wisdom and spirituality which reveal you are constantly in the "UPPER ROOM" with Av. Give us more! Todah! Brachot! Reply

Sharon Ontario March 15, 2016

Always look for a reason! Nothing happens by chance. In my lifetime I have always asked 'why' and it sometimes took time for understanding, and sometimes it took little time at all. Reply

Bob Miller China March 17, 2014

2014 I'm looking at this now, it's 2014. Reminds me of the Tragedy may it never happen again! Reply

neshi ottawa July 1, 2013

thank you Reply

Paul Palnik Coumbus, Ohio November 8, 2012

Awaken - Awaken We must be wakened from our sleep. Sometimes a whisper will do it. Sometimes a gentle tap on the shoulder or a kiss on the forehead is enough. Sometimes a loud shout will do it. Sometimes the foundations must be shaken to the core. Awaken. Reply

Phylicia Philadelphia April 8, 2020
in response to Paul Palnik:

Amen! Reply

Dmitry Isakovsky Boston, MA November 6, 2012

Flip-flopping answers . . . Isn't the belief that everything that happens around us has a higher reason one of the most central tenets of Judaism? How then do we hear that disasters like hurricane Sandy have no purpose whatsoever? Does not Tanakh tell us that Hashem “He makes the winds His messengers, fiery flames His servants.” (Ps. 104:4) Flip-flopping theology is easy to produce. However, it satisfy no one, - just as the author of the article intimated! In my humble opinion, every time an american administration backstabs israel, the Holy Gracious One sends them a reminder of His Covenant relationship with israel! Sandy was just such a reminder! Keep on searching for answers, Israel! be blessed! Reply

Natalie Allouche Madison, ms March 11, 2012

video of disasters When a disaster strikes and people die, innocent people, children we are to presume it is G-d doing this so the rest of us will show chesed? Tikun Olam?
I am sorry, but a very simplified and childish assumption. We must never stop questioning, looking for an answer but I can not and will not beleive that G-d kills innocent people to get us to "wake up" and behave according to his will? Are you kidding me?????
So children, who die from Cancer and suffer from starvation and are beaten and abused..... you want to tell me this is G-d's work too?
If I beleived this I would be an athesit!
It is a "chilul HaShem" to try an give a rationale for such tragedies. Reply

P. Steiner Thornhill, Ont., Canada August 22, 2010

Dear Rabbi Friedman:

This was an unusually powerful video!!! G-d has blessed you with a very special talent--to inspire people. May G-d grant you many more opportunities to do so !!!
May G-d help US to BECOME inspired, and to ACT on this inspiration -- to do more good, and to reveal HIS PRESENCE in this world. Sincerely, Reply

Elka Chava August 24, 2009

to STAMBOUL Iyov (Job) as an Ish tam that means he was perfect, he was complete, and we know that G-d never said Iyuv deserves punishment all we know is the Satan came over to G-d and said look how good Iyuv's life is he has children and money if you take all that away, G-d, then Iyuv will know longer believe in you.

So G-d let the satan take away all of Iyuv's money, children and even his health.

G-d did not do this for a reason he did it as a test to see how would Iyov react! Will Iyov ask why or will he ask what should I do now. What action does G-d want me to take!

We also know that Avraham was sent ten test, Avraham did nothing wrong but G-d sent hardships to see how would avraham react! Avraham never said why he said what!

We as people have cannot even fathom the complex workings of G-d but we can try to learn lessons from daily occurances and say what should I do because I just stubbed my toe or gave my boss the wrong file Reply

Anonymous January 30, 2006

This is really nice and inspiring. You should publicize it. Reply

Tammy Blumenfeld Pittsburgh, PA January 17, 2006

Hurricane Multimedia What a wonderful presentation of such a complex subject. The message was delivered magnificently. Thank you. Reply

ronny STAMBOULI January 15, 2006

With all my due respect, I would like to state my views. If I misunderstood the message, I apologize in advance.

I do not want to menospretiate the message in the presentation, but in some way I perceived it as simplistic and incomplete.

Everything has a cause, and usually WE are that cause, including hurricanes, suffering and death.

It's about assuming responsibility. God created a perfect Universe with perfect laws. If something went wrong in our lives or our planet, we must understand that some law was bended or ignored, and it has consequences ( NOT PUNISHMENT !!! ).

In the case of the presentation, the consequence was a Hurricane, but the cause were us. In one way or other, we created the devastation, the flooding, the desolation.

We must assume responsibility, and the best we can do is ask to God why, and we must be ready to listen, because the answer is right there, waiting for us. We must be ready to understand, so we can avoid disasters to happen again and again. The problem is that we do not listen, we are arrogants and egocentrics, and that's why we are century after century plunged in wars, hunger, diseases and poverty. And I will repeat myself a thousand times: We must assume responsibility, we are the architects, designers and engineers of our present, past and future. Everything that happens to us was created by us, EVERYTHING !!!.

On the other hand, if our lives are filled with joy and blessings, it is because we understood and follow them ( Universe Rules )

To just sit down and say "It's God's will" will never make us better. I know in fact that there is a God inside of me, and something he never stops telling me is: "Don't be a follower, go and find the answers, you are meant to understand everything that happens inside and out". Make the questions, with the purpose of spiritual growth, and you will get the answers... WE ARE MEANT TO UNDERSTAND, not just to accept.

Love, Peace and Sharing is the answer... truth will follow. Reply

Anonymous December 3, 2005

Thank You. EVERYTHING has a purpose and YES G-D is in EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE. Though we cant actually be like G-D, we can try to emulate HIM. Reply

Anonymous November 26, 2005

Where are we?

Let us WAKE UP!!!

Why to we need to wait for disaster to finally acknowlege G-d? -Not only that, THEN we get angry at him, and ask "why?" and "where where were you?".

Let's do our job and praise him, serve him in the manner he has perscribed, ask of him etc.

THERE IS NO ANSWER that we can give, nor do I believe anyone is trying to answer for G-d -for "my thoughts are different from yours", say G-d.

But let look at the possitives of all the questions, commplaints, demands, anger... These things just go to show that we ALL do believe!!! for how can one channel his anger to something that doesn't exist?

When was last time someone got angry, to the point of denial and then written books, essays, articals etc... trying to prove that the tooth fairy, little geine's, or even superman doesn't exist???

The answer, you got it! never b/c you can't get angry at something that doesn't exist!!! Reply

Knute Josifek November 25, 2005

In the Dark of the Storm Thank you. I am a Christian. What you have said here is wonderful. A lesson for us all. Reply

Set ben Yosef Houston, TX November 24, 2005

Great way to communicate a truth I grew up in Houston but now I am away at college. When my father told me they were housing two Jewish families from New Orleans I was proud of my family. One family is still staying part time at our house. As my father said, "This is the least I can do, there is so much more to be done".
To say it was punishment from G-d on New Orleans is a very short-sighted view of Him. Reply

Obadiah Sheffield, AL November 19, 2005

Judgements Rabbi,
First, I'd like to compliment you on the visual essay. It was beautifully done. But I respectfully disagree with your conclusion.
I think of the aftermath of the judgment G-d brought on Sodom.
Or the aftermath when the waters settled after the judgment, that G-d brought on the world in Noah's day.
Or Sennacherib, king of Assyria, when he woke to find 185,000 of his died solders who thought to mock the Almighty. (2 Kgs 19:35)
Or the aftermath of New Orleans, before they prepared for their annul Gay and Lesbian convention, and Mardi Gras.
I don't believe the Almighty is 'hiding' at all. I believe HE is showing Himself, very clearly. Reply

svefkar gonca vienna, austria November 18, 2005

its very good hello im from vienná i like very much this book
its so very beautiful yes i think its very goood Reply

Shulammis Saxon Pittsburgh, PA November 16, 2005

Very powerful and moving. Reply