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Torn Together

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Torn Together

How do you know that something is truly one and not many parts sewn together? Try to tear it apart...
TornTogether (1)  
Jewish Unity, "Disengagement" in Gaza and West Bank (2005-6)

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Paula Fox June 27, 2023

nice Reply

Anonymous salford May 19, 2016

So moving.
I was in tears half way. Reply

Rick D'aurora Green Valley, Arizona August 25, 2012

Your Land Our Land Return the land to whom it belongs...Israel ! Reply

Chava M. July 30, 2012

Not Impressed With the soldiers who threw their weapons down and refused to carry out the sin, yes I'm impressed.

Crying as you (dangerously) pull fellow Jews from their home? Nothing impressive.


G-d is the top General. Nobody else. Reply

maaleh maryville, tn May 16, 2012

TORN TOGETHER Beautiful, absolutely brilliant!!!! Reply

Josh London, UK August 10, 2011

:} Absolutely Fantastic. It still really hurts me today and i will never forget what happened. But, this brings back my hope and faith that they will be re settled! Thanks to Hashem! Reply

Jewish.TV Editor August 9, 2011

Facebook question In response to your question, you do not need to download this video. You can embed ALL Jewish.TV videos straight into your Facebook page by simply posting the link. Reply

Anonymous Orlando, Fl August 6, 2011

Torn Togther Thank you,... Tzvi Freeman videos like this should be shown to those who don't really look into the real world this is real my prayers and tears goes out to IDF.

Can a copy of this can be use on my facebook if yes and how can I down load with windows. Reply

hannah t. gravesend, ny June 26, 2011

the poppy generations, summer, 2011 thank you for this photo library.

in the coming mths we are going to see the troops begin coming home from afghanistan.

there is residual and vivid ironies in every conflict; recent US war vets already returned from aghanistan said they were shocked to find some of the same conditions at home they had been brainwashed to believe only existed in afghani life: homelessness, sickness, corrupt governments, lawlessness & GREED GREED GREED.

now the canadians claim they've saved the lives of 40,000 children: but to be raised in what conditions? poverty? war?

this is all the more reason to pray feverently for the quickening of the coming of moshiach.

Thank you for this heartfelt teaching.
Absolutely beautiful! Sensitive & Soulful.

Shalom. Reply

Jordan Jay May 2, 2011

No one 'left' Gush Katif.

They were forced out.

Very powerful and emotional clip.

Thank you Reply

Anonymous Blacksburg, VA October 25, 2010

This reminds me of a book... I think everybody should read "Birds Without Wings." It is a quasi-fictional story based on the author's grandfather's childhood. It chronicles a small village in the then-Ottoman Empire that, prior to World War I was mixed muslim and christian, and everybody co-existed until they were caught up in war. The book ends (except for a prologue) with a march of death where the christians were forced to walk to the border, thousands of miles away. The book did an amazing job of illustrating the profound disconnect between the average citizen (who primarily wants peace and the chance to earn a living) and the politicians who wreak havoc on the world.

It is sad when people like those in this montage are forced to abandon their homes, their schools, their neighborhoods, their livelihood, because of academics in ivory towers who come to "peace" agreements. Where is the peace for the transplants? Where is the peace for the neighbors they left behind? Reply

P. Steiner Thornhill, Ont., Canada August 22, 2010

Dear Rb. Freeman:

We are privileged to have such a sensitive soul in our midst!!! May G-d help us to open our hearts and minds to your inspired, and inspiring, "calls"!!!
Sincerely, Reply

elizabeth kosmerl delaware water gap, ps/usa May 9, 2010

torn together Please lets not have a repeat of this tragedy in the Gaza. Send this video to as many people as you can. Reply

amol jain aurangabad, maharashtra ,INDIA May 5, 2010

torn together thank you for this it meaninful and dirct touch heart I love Israel with all my heart and I love being a Jew and loving other Jews. Reply

Anonymous NYC , NY May 1, 2010

AM YISRAEL CHAI We should all do our best to never rest until we all live in harmony. Help anyone that needs help. Do a mitzvah to change the world. We need to be harder with ourselves to make this world a better place. I have learned that as much as it hards to change something you can change yourself for the better ; who knows maybe that little deed or act that you have done has changed someone's life for the better or a situation. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE AND WORK HARD. Life is hard dont make it hard for youself work hard to live great. Hopefully after yeshivah I will make aliyah with my family so that all my visions and ideas and love and commitment can overflow in my homeland. I love Israel with all my heart and I love being a Jew and loving other Jews. AM YISRAEL CHAI. Reply

Anonymous monsey, usa ny January 23, 2010

torn together very sad Reply

Arielle Bristol, USA August 11, 2008

Torn Together Thank you for this. It made me cry, but you (Tzvi) did a beartiful job of showing the compassion of the IDF. Israel, precious Israel, I weep with you. I weep for you. Reply

Tzvi Freeman (author) Thornhill, Canada August 10, 2008

Re: Must Download You can download the .swf file by right-clicking (option-click on a Mac). Reply

Jesse Philadelphia, PA August 8, 2008

Must Download This video must be available for download. Please! I need to show this video to my friends in college for a program. I want it on my computer. Please have it available for download soon. Reply

shoham bellingham, wa via January 31, 2007

Photo essay Wonderful job with the photo essay. This is a very moving depiction. The statement is strong and affecting. Props to the author. Reply