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My Little Princess

Voices in the Night

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My Little Princess: Voices in the Night

Do you recognize the voice of the scared child calling out in the middle of the night?

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Menucha G chicago March 20, 2016

So cute that little girl sounds so cute !!! Reply

Sara Weisberg Lakewood May 10, 2015

Thats me!! HI! I am that little girl! I'm already 11 years old! Reply

menucha gurewicz age 8 January 2, 2015

oha!! oh that's so sad! Reply

Anonymous October 11, 2012

so adorable!!!!! Reply

chaya mushka weiss new yerk, usa February 28, 2012

best it is so cute Reply

Sarah Leah Weisberg Toronto, ON December 20, 2011

Please read my comment! I'm the girl in the video now I'm a big 7 and a half year old in grade 2. Reply

mendelsohn ny, usa September 4, 2011

adorble soooooooooooo cute the girl sounds sooooooooo sweet Reply

Anonymous August 16, 2011

WHAT? Why do you guys feel like you need to critisize? It's cute and has an extremely powerful message that I personally feel can help me in my service of G-d. Reply

Anonymous NY, USA May 19, 2011

what mother sleeps in pearls? Reply

Mushky L.A, California February 23, 2011

That was Cute! Such a cutie pie!!! LOL Reply

Anonymous February 23, 2011

wait so, she says "can u keep me comapny for a long, long time?" and the mother says yes... and then immeidetly she LEAVES???
but besides for that it was very cute. Reply

Bashia NY, NY February 23, 2011

Thank you So very Sweet... Reply

Shterni Kesselman London via December 26, 2010

Hey there Cousin!!! Hello Esti...

To tell you the truth, I think the same thing as you. YOU are so cute, also! :)

Thanks! Reply

Carmen August 19, 2010

This video makes me weep... When I was child, how many times did I wake up scared, weeping for my mom...

Still today, I feel sometimes the same helpless little girl ... All that comforts me is that morning will come... Reply

Esti Alperowitz Bournemouth, England via July 13, 2010

Cutie Pie I just think that voice is so cute MUMMY I'M SCEROWD!!!!!!! Reply

bluming family potomac, md May 7, 2010

very cute our whole family watches it Reply

Dr Moses Kolet mumbai, India May 4, 2010

Its wonderful I watched it with my little daughter and we both loved it. Reply

Shloime kitzigocker crown heights, ny June 4, 2009

its so cute! I think its absoluty adorable! i watched it around 20 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

Sarala Kuzman LA, California May 31, 2009

Okaaaaay... Very nerdy, but otherwise kinda cute. The little girl has a cute voice, but do you think a three-yea-old would say such profound statements? Reply

shayna block s, texas May 15, 2009

very nice that was cute and nice. i watche it twice. thanks! Reply