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Why Would G-d Create a Fish that Can Fly?

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Why Would G-d Create a Fish that Can Fly?

What can a flying fish teach us about the human experience?

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ruth housman marshfield hills, ma February 1, 2012

coincidence? I noticed there is a new respondent on line, on another article series of commentaries and he is from NZ and his name has fish in it.

Since I notice these things, when you add a g to his name you get, Fishbeing. How droll. I hope if he sees this, and it's unlikely, he will take this in good spirit.

How weird to get this now. This is a very old posting.

As to fish, I think as they say in life we all have fish to fry. A flying fish, like a porpoise, a dolphin, is a thing of great beauty, and lifts our spirits which I can say, given life's often heavy burden of sorrow can be something of glory, particularly in that leap, in sun and water. It all comes shining through. Reply

Anonymous January 31, 2012

A flying fish dos'nt fly like a bird. Reply

ruth housman marshfield hills, ma October 3, 2011

a common English Expression "I feel like a fish out of water" is something we often say when we are out of our depth.

just a quick add to a "cool" film. Reply

JDV September 27, 2011

flying fish A great take for both children and adults also. i'm sure many people can relate to it because I certainly did. Reply

Ariella Mansfield, TX March 17, 2011

Coolness Okay, that was just coolness on film! thanks :) Reply

Elliot ACT December 20, 2010

Wow That is such a cute clip! Totally loved it!. The message is deep and the animation rocks! Thanks Reply

Anonymous USA November 25, 2010

would God create a fish that could fly Awesome! What an incredible gift, and purpose, and where the Great One led you! Reply



chaya yehudis dank melbourne November 14, 2010

Great work. Enjoyed it immensely. Reply

Ruth Housman marshfield hills, ma November 2, 2010

the ISH in FISH: ie. MAN There is a recent book written by Neil Shubin about the fish and man, a biology book that is fascinating called Your Inner Fish.

There is much we have in common with the denizens of the sea and to explore this, is endlessly fascinating.

There are, as this animation points out, deep metaphoric connects "up and down" that can be made with the notion of moving from one realm, the inner, to the outer. Reply

Yaacov Perth, WA November 2, 2010

CLEVER +++++ How clever . This is outstanding work in its method and concept. Love the animation - gr8 art work used to draw an analogy with life.
World standard. Keep up the good work Reply

Anonymous Melbourne November 1, 2010

This is a very clever clip. I love the way the storyteller/animator shows common ground, cross overs and links in nature, the spiritual and the physical world. A beautiful integration of ideas. Reply