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Yes, We Can!

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Yes, We Can!

It was the phrase that kept our hopes alive during history's harshest times...

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steven j wyke Covington, Ohio via December 3, 2012

Wonderful! Thank you so much for the constant reminders of that beautiful freedom we now enjoy in celebration of our past and the miracles it presented for us. May you be blessed. Reply

Geneva Seeds attica, Mi December 8, 2010

yes we can thank you Reply

Mr. Luther Phillips December 7, 2010

Wonderful This is great fun.

ONE Reply

rebeca Rivera West Palm Beach, Florida December 6, 2010

Yes We Can An inspired message. It touched my heart and spirit in the first few lines. I felt encouraged and enpowered. Thanks! Reply

Lodge patricia Mashpee, MA December 2, 2010

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem I have enjoyed watching these films about Hannukkah. I started lighting a Menorah a few years ago. I sensed a calling to light one for those who were forbidden to. I God Bless us all! Reply

Bat Sheva Klein Chicago, ILO via November 29, 2010

spelling Add A "C". Reply

Jennifer Greenberg Canada December 9, 2009

wow!! this video is so special! i know this was President Obama's campaign line last year, but the fact is we, as a Jewish people, have pushed through all the odds, and survived, hudreds, actually thousands of years of progroms, persecutions, and ennemies who tried to destroy us.... As Jews we believe YES WE CAN!!!! no matter how tough or dark it may look...Happy Chnaukah to all! Reply

Dani PEoria , AZ December 8, 2009

Channukka Peoria AZ!
Happy Channukka 2009
L'chaim! Reply

B Morris mayfield December 6, 2009

omain! to Peoria AZ. I too feel closer than ever to the land of Israel due to things changeing here in the US. I light our menorah this year for dedicating (for Hannukkah means dedication) ourselves to be a light to the world . Shine on Israel "and cry out and shout , you that lives in Zion, for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of you". Reply

Anonymous Peoria, AZ November 10, 2009

Chanukkah as presented by Chabad I am against nationalized (socialist) health care in this counry. I am a capitalist. I am a conservative first! I am sad to see Chabad take a slogan from the Obama team. I did not vote for Obama as he is a leftist. He is the most liberal leader (if you can call him that) that we have ever had in this country. I feel more tied to Israel than the U.S. At least they have a conservative. Reply

Janice November 5, 2009

Hanukka - Yes We Can A good positive statement, don't appreciate using this particular one, as is to closely tied to recent political campain. Appears Chabad is politically tied to Obama.

No nat'l healthcare, death committes, abortion many issues that are not of life. If islam shuts off xtianity, when will it douse your menorah? Reply

Dania Toro Melbourne, Florida December 22, 2008

yes we can! Yes, Yes......
We can! Reply

Chani Benjaminson, December 21, 2008

sources Please see this link for the sources for the holiday of Chanukah, they were collected by one of the scholars on our team of ask the rabbis and rebbetzins: Is Chanukah mentioned in the Torah? Reply

Janet Berg Jerusalem, Israel December 21, 2008

Sources Dear Angela K Safonoff, Peoria, AZ,

The article in Wikipedia on 'Hanukkah'
gives all the traditional sources of the Chanukah story (including Talmudic source)....Sorry--this site did not accept my post with the link in it, so just go to Wikipedia and spell Hannukkah as I have in this post...:-)...

Happy Chanukah! Reply

Ino Thessaloniki, Greece December 21, 2008

yes we can video Inspiring, colorful ! We can keep the light, transfer the light, increase the light...Yes, we must. Reply

Jack Agoura Hills, CA December 21, 2008

this video IS original for those comments that this video is not original, I happen to know for a fact that Rabbi Brysky, who is the Rabbi you see during the video, came up with this line in 2001. This is actually from his speech, and it was about Chanukah, after 9/11.

So in fact, this slogan is original for Chabad. If anything, it's the Obama campaign that wasn't original! :)

But really...who cares. It has a good message and promotes lighting chanukah candles, Jewish pride and Jewish unity. Thank you for making this beautiful video! Reply

Veto December 21, 2008

To Angela K Safonoff, Peoria, AZ The story about the oil is in the Talmud Tractate Shabbath page 21b Reply

elana December 21, 2008

Brilliant!! i watched the original obama version on youtube and was awed by the brilliance of chabad's chanuka version. way too funny!! happy hanuka!!! Reply

Oleario de Godoy Campo Grande, Brazil December 20, 2008

Yes we can video Splendid. I admire the Jesiwh people for many reasons, and one is to know how to survive and prosper. Reply

Angela K Safonoff Peoria, AZ December 20, 2008

Chanukkah I would like to know where in the Talmud is the story of Chanukkah. I have read the entire story of the Macabees, but didn't find the part about the oil that lasted for eight days in order to clense the temple in Jerusalem at that time. My husband states the oil miracle is in the talmud. Please tell us where. Reply

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