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Meet the Rabbi Who Donated a Kidney to a Total Stranger

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Meet the Rabbi Who Donated a Kidney to a Total Stranger

Rabbi Nosson Blumes shares the story of how he ended up volunteering to donate a kidney to a woman he had never met.
Organ Transplant

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Eric Steger Sunnyvale March 10, 2021

A big Yasher Koach to Rabbi Blumes! Anyone who would like to donate an organ should check out, run by Chaya Lipschutz. She donated a kidney in 2005 and then made it her mission to bring unrelated donors and recipients together in the Jewish community. Reply

Ruth Ellen Schiff Seidenberg New Jersey April 26, 2020

You are an amazing human being! You have changed the world. Reply

susan Salzman Cooper City via October 5, 2018

G-d bless you Rabbi and your family. May HaShem grant you much happiness Reply

Simcha Bart for October 5, 2018

Donating an "extra" organ while one is alive - for example a kidney, as in the case above would not be a problem. Donating an organ after death, poses many issues, some of them quite serious. Please read for a short article on this topic. For a more in-depth treatment, please see our section on organ donation here

Simcha Bart for Reply

Anonymous Philadelphia October 5, 2018

In France, everyone is a donor by law. The waiting time for organs is days or weeks, not years. In our custom, we're not supposed to register as organ donors. Why? Reply

Anonymous October 7, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

'In our custom, we're not supposed to register as organ donors.' I suppose you are referring to after-death donors. That is not unanimous. Many respected opinions rule that one may [and should?] register, though care needs to be exercised regarding the definition of death. Reply

s UK October 11, 2018
in response to Anonymous:

In Wales United Kingdom, everyone is automatically a donor as in France. You do have an option to 'opt out'. The Welsh Assembly Government passed this law, without a public vote. Recently, I read an article where compulsory organ donation is being considered for implementation in England. Reply

S UK October 4, 2018

Truly beautiful. Thank you, for sharing this. May HaShem continue to bless all your endeavours. Reply

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